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AcousticSheep featured in Forbes Insights

Small Business Agenda:  Harnessing Technology For Growth By Forbes Insights (Link to report) Almost a quarter of respondents report they have scaled up from a home office to a...

Rock back to school like a celebrity

How to rock back to school like a celebrity By Angela Corry (Link to article) Regular headphones and ear buds are simply not comfortable to wear all night long.  SleepPhones are fully...


Microsleep Microsleep is a phenomenon that occurs when your body and mind are so fatigued that you can’t help but nod off for a brief period of a few seconds to a couple of minutes. A microsleep...

Ways to Fall Asleep

Ways to Fall Asleep Next time you’re tossing and turning in your bed, fighting through another restless night, try these natural ways to fall asleep fast. As tempting as it might be to reach for...

2015 CTA Small Business of the Year

VIDEO:  Headphones You Can Wear While You Sleep By: Kelsey Pommer (Link to video) Listening to music before bed may be relaxing, but traditional headphones aren't always the most...

AcousticSheep ranked #1657 on Inc. 5000

AcousticSheep ranked #1657 on Inc. 5000  By Inc. 5000 (Link to article) Manufactures, distributes and sells two comfort-centric brands of headphones:  SleepPhones® and RunPhones®.

SleepPhones® named gadget to pack for your next trip by Royal Caribbean

11 Travel Gadgets To Pack For Your Next Trip By Royal Caribbean (Link to article) These cool tools will make your trip safer, easier--and way more fun.  

SleepPhones® Wireless Reviewed by Unbox Therapy

The Most Comfortable Headphones Ever? By: Unbox Therapy (Link to video) "They were right, they weren't lying, that is much more comfortable and cool." - Lewis, Unbox Therapy  

Binaural Beats and Sleep

Sleep — we all need it, yet for some of us it is so difficult to achieve. For many, it’s the challenge of shutting one’s thoughts off long enough to relax and fall asleep. That’s where binaural beats...

SleepPhones® Make Flying Coach Feel More Posh

10 Totally Doable Ways to Make Flying Coach Feel More Posh By:  Aly Walansky (Link to article) Definitely wear headphones and make a pre-programmed music playlist. 

Verizon - SleepPhones as Travel Gadget

Apps and gadgets that could make future travel a breeze. By Verizon (Link to article) Another travel-friendly gadget (available now) is SleepPhones, a soft fleece headband that contains...

SleepPhones® recommended by CNET

4 Ways to Stop Sleeping with your Phone By Sarah Mitroff and Jessica Dolcourt (Link to article) Let's get real.  You do it, your neighbor does it and we do it, too.  But before...

Erie executive receives entrepreneur award

Erie executive receives entrepreneur award By GoErie (Link to article) Wei-Shin Lai, chief executive of Erie-based AcousticSheep, on Tuesday was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of...

Ernst & Young announces Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Winners

E&Y announces Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 winners By Amanda Waltz (Link to article) Over 30 finalists convended last Friday during a gala at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center,...

SleepPhones® named Best Headphones for Sleeping

5 Best Headphones for Sleeping By Headphones Lab (Link to article) The AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic are an innovative approach on how to make comfortable sleep headphones.  ...


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