Quantum Healing

depiction of quantum healing

Quantum healing, also known as quantum therapy and quantum medicine, is a form of alternative medicine coined by Indian-American writer Deepak Chopra. It claims to treat illnesses at a level below human sensory awareness by using a combination of mind-body medicine, Eastern medicine, and meditation. Some practitioners of quantum healing, like Dolores Cannon, also claim to use hypnosis as a way to connect the patient to their subconscious mind.

Since its founding, quantum healing has gained several followers and critics. Those who are familiar with quantum physics claim that the use of the word quantum misrepresents actual scientific endeavors. While the grounding of physics in quantum healing remains shaky, fans of SleepPhones® headphones have long benefited from incorporating mind-body medicine, meditation, and hypnosis into their bedtime routines. In fact, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a subdivision of the National Institutes of Health, recognizes each of these techniques as valid forms of treatment.

Read more about quantum healing at the links below. Regardless of whether you practice alternative medicine under the heading of quantum healing, please make sure to consult a certified medical professional about what combination of treatments works best for you.

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