Our Top Product Picks From This Year's Sleep Show

It was so exciting to head down to Texas for the 2019 National Sleep Foundation Sleep Show. There were so many great new products to help people get more and better sleep. Here are ten of our favorite ones–enjoy!

  1. EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector There's now an easy way to prevent eye damage, sleep disruption, and premature aging from your electronic devices' blue light.
  2. ChiliPad™ Both you and your bed partner can heat or cool your mattress to just the right temperature with this revolutionary pad that goes on top of your mattress.
  3. Smart Nora This contact-free snoring solution is designed to stop snoring before it wakes up you or your partner.
  4. Timeshifter® App Scientists are behind this app that creates personalized plans to help you effectively deal with jet lag.
  5. Tranquilo Mat Soothe a cranky baby with this portable vibrating mat.
  6. MyPillow® You've probably seen their infomercials and wondered if these pillows live up to the hype. Our verdict is yes!
  7. BSensible Sheets Hypoallergenic, breathable, and 100% waterproof–these sheets truly are a cut above.
  8. Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Any parent who's gone hoarse "shushing" their baby to sleep will appreciate this little sound machine.
  9. The ReST Bed The world's first smart bed responds to your body's needs in real time.
  10. SleepPhones Effortless™ We can't forget our newest SleepPhones® model. It wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth® enabled devices and charges via a super convenient induction charger.
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