Binaural beats

brain shown in front of a depiction of brainwaves affected by binaural beats

How many benefits are there to listening to binaural beats? Plenty. Not only do they help people fall asleep faster, but they can also enhance dreams, encourage focus, and empower self-awareness.

But what even are binaural beats? The word binaural is formed by two units. The prefix bin-, which is just the prefix bi- but before a vowel, means "two" or "two together." The root word aural comes from the Latin word for "ear." So, binaural beats are sounds that engage both ears at once—albeit through different frequencies in each ear.

If you're curious how these beats produce anything from relaxation to concentration, read more at the lis below. And while you're at it, download our own collection of free tracks with binaural beats. They're best when combined with SleepPhones® headphones, the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping, studying, and relaxation.

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