Discover Soothing Paths to Quality Relaxation

AlanaASMR poses with SleepPhones Wireless Headphones while listening to soothing relaxation music.

"Just relax"—that's easy for anyone to say. "Try really hard to calm your mind and not think about every little thing that's bothering you, until you get tired anyway"—that's more like it.

But relaxation doesn't have to be like that. Finding the right tunes is the first step to putting your mind at ease. Yet no one can relax with any old headphones or earbuds—not when they refuse to fit comfortably around your head or sit snugly in your ears. And even when you find the best quality headphones, how do you begin practicing relaxation?

That's where SleepPhones® headphones come in. Here we provide you with only the best tried-and-tested methods to induce relaxation. All these methods are made better with our quality headphones. With flat speakers tucked inside a soft, stretchable headband, SleepPhones® headphones make any activity far more enjoyable and far less painful. Listen to natural sounds or ASMR. Practice meditation or yoga. Follow along to an audiobook or podcast. The opportunities are endless.

To start, give our free downloadable MP3s a listen. And meanwhile, read the articles below for more guidance on your relaxation journey.

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