The Relationship Between Mind-Body Medicine and Quantum Healing

When it comes to staying healthy, many people may choose to take vitamins, drink water, and turn to their primary care doctor for help, if necessary. However, some are adding something new to the mix: quantum healing.

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Dr. Deepak Chopra coined the term in 1989 when he first published a book by the very name, Quantum Healing. Chopra’s suggested alternative to standard medical practices has not gone without controversy due to its unique approach to handling health and wellness, but his methods have appeared to work for some. To help you understand the relationship between mind-body medicine and quantum healing, AcousticSheep™, creator of SleepPhones® comfortable headphones for sleeping, reviews the literature on these health and wellness strategies and introduces the thought leaders on the topic.

How Do Mind-Body Medicine and Quantum Healing Relate?

man's eye looking forward with blurred lights surrounding According to the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), mind-body medicine is an “approach to health care that includes a wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions, on an equal basis with traditional medical interventions. The patient in mind-body medicine is understood as a totality of body, mind, and spirit, and interventions are directed at each of these aspects of the person.”

In short, mind-body medicine is a health and wellness approach concerned with how the mind and spirit can affect one’s overall physical health. It is similar to mindfulness in that both practices require the participant to be aware or conscious of their state of being. Quantum healing is a subdivision of mind-body medicine.

Furthermore, quantum healing proclaims that everything in our world possesses energy, and this energy can be altered and controlled on a personal level. Dr. Deepak Chopra defines quantum healing as “healing the bodymind from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level [visible or tactile] ... a shift takes place in the fields of energy information, to bring about a correction to something that is out of balance.” Essentially, quantum healing is about using your body’s own lifeforce to heal itself, to bring your body back to its natural, balanced state.

Deepak Chopra and Quantum Healing

Deepak Chopra, licensed physician of internal medicine and endocrinology, published his book Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine in 1989, when quantum healing began to gain footing in both the medical and spiritual communities. However, the medical community remains skeptical of Chopra’s proposed self-help methods, but that does not seem to bother Chopra.

In a 2014 interview with the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Chopra said ‘“skepticism is actually healthy. It is not the same thing as cynicism. Cynicism is to already start with mistrust. On the other hand, skepticism is open-minded and says, “I'd like to see the evidence. I'd like to understand more and I don't want to rely on belief.”’

There has been one individual who has repeatedly challenged Chopra: physicist Brian Cox. The two have gone back and forth on Twitter, with Cox arguing that Chopra “doesn't understand quantum physics.” The conflict originated when Chopra posted a video on YouTube challenging skeptics to prove his theories incorrect, and if skeptics could, they would receive $1 million from Chopra himself. Despite Cox’s endeavor to get a rise out of Chopra, his attempt ultimately failed.

In Quantum Healing: What It Is, How It Works, and How to Do It, we at AcousticSheep take the stance that, in relation to quantum healing, “we believe that there are seemingly magical benefits when patients are less stressed and connecting their minds with their body. Science cannot quantify everything because not everything has been discovered yet.”

Therefore, the legitimacy behind quantum healing has yet to be truly determined, but there have been instances in which individuals have benefited from the practice. If you still wish to proceed and begin practicing quantum healing, we recommend:

woman sitting in front of fire place cross legged yoga position, eyes closed with SleepPhones headband headphones on practicing quantum healing with self hypnosis To find a medical practitioner with a quantum healing certification, visit Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™. Dolores Cannon, another leader in quantum healing techniques, also provides ways to find qualified quantum healing practitioners on

Andrew Weil and Hypnosis

Dr. Andrew Weil, another advocate for alternative medicine like Chopra, also provides health and wellness information based on mind-body medicine teachings. Specifically, Weil recommends undergoing medical hypnosis for self-healing, even going as far as to create an audio CD with licensed psychologist Steven Gurgevich. Dr. Gurgevich also created a Sleepy Time Hypnosis CD exclusively for AcousticSheep that provides a gentle hypnotic induction with progressive relaxation and hypnotic suggestions to achieve a comfortable state of mind in trance.

Heal Yourself with Medical Hypnosis: The Most Immediate Way to Use Your Mind-Body Connection!, released in 2005, “discusses the physiological mechanisms behind the mind-body connection, while … [demystifying] the practice of hypnosis through a concise account of its history, as well as important case studies.”

While there has been an expression of doubt regarding hypnosis’s medical legitimacy, Dr. Weil maintains that the practice is safe and effective. In fact, Weil goes as far as to say that hypnosis has been viewed through an unnecessarily critical lens due to its long history with stage performers and theatrical performances.

But what exactly is hypnosis? MayoClinic defines the practice as “a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist using verbal repetition and mental images.” One common misconception is that hypnosis causes a person to lose control over their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Instead, people undergoing hypnosis are actually in complete control of themselves.

What’s more, hypnosis, like other alternative medical treatments, does not work on everyone. The individual undergoing hypnosis must remain open-minded to the process for it to work. PsychCentral has stated that only 5-10% of people are very responsive to hypnosis, 60-79% are moderately responsive, and 25-30% are minimally responsive.

Hypnosis is a subdivision of mind-body medicine given that it seeks to get rid of undesired behaviors, recall forgotten experiences, manage pain, and control anxiety through the alteration of one’s mental state.

Ready to Begin Healing?

At AcousticSheep, we recognize how important a good night’s sleep and a stress-free environment are for your health and wellness. Should you choose to begin practicing quantum healing or partake in a hypnosis session, make sure to do so in a comfortable, safe place.

The use of our SleepPhones® headband headphones can enhance your journey by eliminating background noise, reducing stress, and offering superior sound quality!

Quote there are seemingly magical benefits when patients are less stressed and connecting their minds with their body. Science cannot quantify everything because not everything has been discovered yet. From Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, co-founder and CEO of AcousticSheep. Here at AcousticSheep LLC, co-founder Dr. Wei-Shin Lai says, "As long as you are being treated by licensed doctors for a serious illness, quantum healing techniques are an excellent adjunct to augment healing. There are seemingly magical benefits when patients are less stressed and connecting their minds with their body. Science cannot quantify everything because not everything has been discovered yet."

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