Guest Post: What Exactly Is Hypnobirthing?

A unique childbirth preparation style has been making headlines since Princess Kate of the United Kingdom used it for her Februrary 2020 birth. Hypnobirthing has been around for decades, but only now is becoming a more mainstream way of preparing for childbirth.

pregnant woman using sleepphones comfortable headphones for hypnobirthing

There are several variations out there on the same theme, but the underlying philosophy is that birth is a safe, natural process and the birthing mother's job is to work with her body to navigate this incredible experience. It's about leaning into birth and enjoying the process instead of "getting through" it.

Hypnobirthing teaches expectant parents deep relaxation techniques which are designed to relax the body and the mind, as well as release fear. Studies show that when fear exists, our bodies tense up, and this tension can cause far more pain as a result of tight muscles and stress hormones called catecholamines.

However, the more relaxed the body is, the less pain it will experience and the more comfortable the birthing mother will feel as her muscles will be able to work efficiently and effectively. Hypnobirthing techniques have been proven to reduce pain, shorten labor times, and increase empowerment during the birth process.

If the birthing mother has a birth partner, they are a welcome part of the preparation, encouraging teamwork and guided meditations throughout labor.

Most of the various classes available offer hypnosis tracks that birthing mothers will listen to in the lead up to labor and on their birthing day itself.

The Headphones That Help Birthing Mothers Focus and Relax

Part of the hypnosis training in class focuses on helping birthing mothers tune out their surroundings so they can truly focus on the incredible work their body is doing to bring their baby into the world. SleepPhones® can help with blocking out external noises and distractions, allowing hypnobirthing mothers to use their techniques far more effectively.

They can be used to play music that will aid in relaxation, tracks provided by a hypnobirthing instructor, or with no sound at all as a means of blocking out noise to help the birthing mother focus.

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SleepPhones® Headband Headphones Can Also Help New Mothers Relax

After baby is born, it is equally important for new mothers to find calm and relaxation in the midst of their transition into parenthood. This transition is something we at Future Focused Parenting are passionate about supporting. SleepPhones® are a wonderful tool for the new mother who may struggle to nap when the baby naps or is easily distracted by the day to day noises at home while baby sleeps. Many new mothers wish to take their hypnosis training into motherhood and benefit greatly from the blissful moments of calm listening to relaxing audios can bring.

Quote from SleepPhones customer: "Headphones to listen to hypnobirthing tracks during birth and bbhugme pillow for after was a god send." -Maria

Classes Are Available All Over the World

There are various versions of hypnobirthing classes all over the world. Here are a few resources that may be of help in finding a class near you:

About the Authors

Kira Dorrian and Deana Thayer are childbirth educators, doulas, parent coaches, and moms. Kira is a clinical hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Practitioner with a focus on prenatal preparation for expectant parents beyond their birth. Deana teaches traditional childbirth classes, infant sign language, and is a sleep consultant focusing on infant sleep. Together they co-host a podcast called Raising Adults: Future Focused Parenting which can be found on all major podcast apps. They also run Future Focused Parenting which offers public speaking opportunities, private coaching, and books to their listeners.

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