Give Yourself a Silent Night with Holiday Ambience, Music, and ASMR

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Holiday music is easy to love and equally easy to get annoyed by. What you need is to get in the spirit of the season—without getting the songs stuck in your head. So, we put together a list of our 30 favorite holiday videos that are guaranteed to help you sleep, study, relax and more.

What makes a video naughty or nice? This list includes:

When all the grocery stores and radio stations are on their collective mission to barrage you with earworm-inducing tracks, check out our bag of holiday goodies below. Better yet, listen to these videos with SleepPhones® headphones—the guaranteed best stocking stuffers for audiophiles, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone who needs quality sleep. Settle into this cozy headband equipped with thin, high-quality speakers… because the pain of traditional headphones and earbuds is so last-season. Sign up for our newsletter to get deals on the comfiest products year-round.

"I love my SleepPhones and bought them for 6 family members for holiday gifts this year. The orders were confirmed immediately and shipped very quickly. They arrive with clear instructions, and a link for video instructions is sent that I will share with those who receive them as gifts. I love falling asleep catching up with podcasts, music or audible books. Super comfy and excellent sound."—D. Katt.

Some listening tips: If you want to repeat any of these videos, just right click on the video player and select Loop. And make sure to turn off autoplay so you're not jolted awake by the ads or sounds on the next video.

Calming Carols

Christmas carols never fail to bring magic and childlike wonder. Listen to these classic melodies played only to the most relaxing tempos and instruments.

Holly Jolly Tunes

Want to chill out during the holidays—without falling asleep? Bring delight to any holiday tradition with these videos, whether you're wrapping presents, building gingerbread houses, or decorating the tree.

Beloved Movie Music

The best holiday nostalgia involves sitting in front of a TV in your pajamas, waiting for your favorite show to broadcast. So why not honor tradition, wear some pajamas for your ears, and listen to original or fan-made movie music?

Winter Soundscapes

Enjoy winter wonder—without all the pesky holiday tunes. These videos will have you soaring over mountains and valleys as you listen to calming classical compositions.

Natural Ambience

The weather outside may be frightful. But if these ambient videos are any indication of how relaxed you'll be, you might as well let it snow.

Alluring ASMR

Watch these holiday-themed ASMR roleplays and triggers. With so many stories and decorations surrounding this time of year, you'll likely find something that helps you relax.

Soothing Sleep Aids

Is the stress of the holiday season keeping you up at night? Try these meditations, binaural beats and bedtime stories the next time you need to decompress.

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