30 Relaxing Halloween Videos: Ambience, ASMR, Instrumental

creepy halloween music notes with jack-o-lantern in background

Something tranquil this way comes… And it's our list of 30 favorite Halloween-themed tracks on YouTube!

Don't believe that Halloween music can be relaxing? Then give these videos a listen. We've made sure each of them are free of blood-curdling shrieks, flickering lights, creaking floorboards, manic breathing—anything that would otherwise get your heart racing. Each of them are designed to help you sleep or even add ambience to your own spooky dinner party.

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So without further ado, here are the 30 videos you should be listening to this Halloween season.

Musical Ambience

What is Halloween without spooky music? The deadest day of the year—and not in a good way.

But that's not all we have here. We looked for music that's not too sinister yet creates that unique Halloween feel. So, while all 11 of these videos are great for trick-or-treaters, they'll also get you in the mood for carving pumpkins—even when you're fast asleep.

  1. Jack-O Lantern Lullabies

    a fearsome carved pumpkin

    "Calming but malicious at the same time," describes one commenter on this video. The constant sound of a ticking clock, combined with these melodic yet mystical tunes, makes for a surprisingly relaxing video.

  2. Haunted Realms of Halloween

    creepy candles on a haunted piano

    Not only do the creators of this channel create their own fantasy music, but they also have a whole playlist dedicated to Halloween. This video features 21 original tracks complete with organs, violins, and harpsichords.

  3. Trick or Treating, Jack O'Lanterns, Ouija Board, Spooky Halloween Music

    a ouija board to commune with spirits

    If you're trying to relax between hordes of trick-or-treaters, this video might be for you. Follow the video's lead as you sit in the bay window with a mug of hot chocolate, watching as the neighborhood comes alive.

  4. Cozy Halloween Ambience With Music

    an owl against a blood red moon

    Looking for a comfortable night-in during Halloween? Cozy up to this crackling fire with your pumpkin spice latte, and get carried away by the enchanting background music.

  5. Halloween Village Spooky Ambience Video

    a haunted halloween village

    Find yourself in a Tim-Burton-style Halloween village with this video. The creator combines an animated screensaver and licensed music to produce this delightfully spooky universe. Play the video on your TV screen while your guests socialize and bob for apples.

  6. Cursed Soundtrack: Walking Sleep

    a blindfolded candle bearer

    Although this music sounds dark, desolate, and truly "cursed," the frequencies are surprisingly relaxing. It's perfect for an imaginary stroll through an old tomb or abandoned warehouse.

  7. Dark Fantasy Music

    moths in twilight

    Take a break from all the excitement of Halloween with this calming two-hour classical soundscape. More somber and pensive than it is "dark," this video is perfect for relaxing, studying, or reading your favorite fantasy novel.

  8. Silent Hill Ambient Relaxing Music

    a figure down adarkened corridor

    Taken from the classic psychological horror video game, this eight-hour ambient track is anything but horrifying. Rest assured that listening to it won't transport you to the same alternate, demon-infested dimension that runs parallel to the abandoned city hospital.

  9. Haunted Piano | Creepy Dark Ambient Piano Music

    a tortured pianist

    No one would mind having a haunted house if it meant having a ghost who plays piano for free. That is, unless that same ghost is a tortured artist. Relaxing at some times, unsettling at others, this 10-hour track will make you wonder whether you should call a talent scout or an exorcist.

  10. H.P. Lovecraft Music for Role-Playing and Gaming

    a demon peering back

    Are you a fan of eldritch horror? This music composer takes inspiration from Lovecraft's work. Use this video as an orchestral backdrop for your next dark yet charming event.

  11. Halloween Night [Lofi / Jazz Hop / Chillhop]

    halloween spelled in tiles

    Looking for a more jazz-inspired Halloween? This album of 15 original indie tracks is just what you need. It truly offers something different than the other tunes in this list.

Natural Ambience

Not looking for Halloween music, but want something equally spooky to put in the background? Check out these 9 videos. With them, you can imagine yourself in almost any Halloween situation. Walking through an old graveyard, trudging through a dark forest, sleeping through potion's class… You name it, we have it!

Most of these tracks border on ASMR. But we'll get to that category later.

  1. Haunted House Scary Sounds for Sleeping and Stress Relief

    the sky in shocking orange

    Bursts of thunder and lightning break through the howling wind. Take shelter from the storm in this old mansion. Even if the hole in the roof leaves a draft, at least the sound of pouring rain relaxes you.

  2. Halloween Ambience: Cauldron Sounds, Ghosts, Nature Sounds

    a boiling cauldron on a fire

    In the swamp near the old cemetery, you swear you hear the voices of the ancient dead. Someone in the old shack is brewing a concoction. The crickets and frogs are no longer the only signs of life.

  3. Hogwarts Potions Class

    wizards menacing with wands

    "Let him sleep. For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud." — Albus Dumbledore

    Well, you probably shouldn't sleep during potions class. But the sounds of cauldrons bubbling and pages flipping is almost too relaxing. Plus, outdoor breaks are included in the syllabus. Check out this channel's ambient recreations of everyone's favorite wizarding world.

  4. Gothic Stormy Night Ambience | Spooky Manor from Mysterious Window

    haunted structure against a darkening sky

    For the most sophisticated vampires, nightcaps are the best pastime. Pop open a bottle or two of your finest O-negative as you gaze proudly over your hunting grounds. You'll feel even more relaxed with the fireplace burning, the rain pouring, and the thunder clapping.

  5. Halloween Night Ambience — Spooky Graveyard Sounds

    a decrepit village graveyard

    Outside this village, crickets are your only source of company. The howling wind—and wolves— combine to form a truly spooky soundscape.

  6. All Hallow's Eve Autumn Village — Spooky Forest Ambience

    gruesome trees folding in

    If Hansel and Gretel taught us one thing, it's this: Don't visit delightful houses deep in the dark woods. But if the architecture looks this good, and the forest sounds this tranquil, then you might consider calling a local real estate agent.

  7. Haunted Forest Sounds | Ghostly Murmurs

    a narrow tunnel through a haunted forest

    This video features, as one commenter put it, "the relaxing tranquil sounds of disembodied souls wailing in eternal torment." They forgot to mention the cawing of crows, the rustling of leaves, and the chirping of crickets.

  8. Relaxing Spooky Sounds and White Noise

    a dilapidated cottage

    If dilapidated Victorian cottages are your thing, then you may like this video. You can just barely hear the sound of wind chimes over the howling wind and crunching leaves. The video is truly worth all the hours of animation put into it.

  9. Halloween Ambience Spooky Sounds

    calaca ready for the day of the dead

    This video might not be the best one to sleep to, considering that roaring demons, cackling witches, and chittering insects are not the most relaxing sounds. But it's perfect for a (deceptively) chill experience with dinner-party guests and trick-or-treaters. The creator also made a version with music.


If you experience autonomous sensory meridian response, you'll like these 8 Halloween-themed videos. Many of the ASMRists listed here had helped us make SleepPhones®: ASMR Edition headphones, the world's first sleep headphones with preloaded ASMR tracks.

Here, we included videos that are truly Halloween-inspired, using words, materials, and role plays that are unique to this time of year.

  1. 100 Spooky Trigger Words

    a scary word

    So many words get us excited for Halloween: pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, goblins, vampires, witches, werewolves. Alana ASMR includes all of these and more in her video. Find out which ones are your favorite triggers by listening in.

  2. The Wicked Witch

    a menacing witch

    Once Ana of ASMR Mamá Susurros casts her spell, you'll fall into a deep slumber. If you want more, watch her other bewitching video, and listen to her spooky story.

  3. Pumpkin Tapping & Relaxing Triggers To Help You Sleep

    pumpkin against a creepy dress

    Who knew the hollow tappings of a pumpkin could be so relaxing? Courtney and Corrina Rachel of ASMR Psychetruth did. Listen as they play softly with Halloween decorations and whisper about their favorite autumn foods.

  4. B&D Bargains Barbara's Halloween Merchandise

    cursed merchandise

    Margot, a character invented by Emma of WhispersRed ASMR, had despised running her Halloween store for not one but two years in a row. Barbara's come to the rescue, but she may be a little too over-eager. Watch the video for some humor-induced relaxation.

  5. Planning Your Halloween Party

    a party of witches

    Throwing a Halloween party is no joke. Luckily, Aleece of DiamondASMR is here to help. Also, take a look at her halloween decoration haul, face paint, and manicure.

  6. Bienvenidos al Mundo de los

    skeleton makeup

    Doncella SusurrosASMR collaborates with Dayi ASMR Chile to welcome you to the world of the dead. Inspired by the Disney/Pixar film Coco, this video is perfect for both Halloween and the day after— Día de Muertos.

  7. The Adorable Organ Harvester

    an excised human heart

    Nora of Seafoam Kitten's ASMR has a long tradition of making Halloween-themed ASMR roleplays. Not only has she been a ghost, a dragon, and a zombie's girlfriend, but she's also played a vampire at a plant dispensary, bar, salon, medical laboratory, and energy healing clinic.

    In this video, it doesn't matter if you answered "yes" on your driver's license application—Dr. Raspberry Fritter is here to collect your organs anyway. For what purpose, we don't know. So, if cute yet grisly isn't your thing, you might check out her other videos.

  8. Turning you into a Vampire...The scientific way!

    vials of blood

    One of the worst things about becoming a vampire is having those unsightly puncture wounds on your neck. Fortunately, Charlette of WhisperAudios ASMR has found a way around that. In this roleplay, she'll walk you through the medical procedure—after going over the fine print, of course.

    Charlette has other Halloween-themed videos. In her Necromanspa, she'll pamper you as either a vampire or werewolf client. She has more vampire-themed ones, too, including a physical examination, a tailoring appointment, and a visit to both the blood labs and the blood bank.

Lucid Dreaming and Hypnosis

Finally, for those who want a more productive sleep, we have one video for lucid dreaming and another for hypnosis. Whether you're just a daring individual or someone who truly wants to confront your subconscious mind, either video should help you trigger a spooky dreamstate.

  1. Long Creepy Scary Halloween Lucid Dreaming Music

    a waking nightmare

    Our friends at Brainwave Music create wonderful sounds that are designed primarily for relaxation. As soon as the transcendental tunes mix with owl hoots, cricket chirps, and wolf howls, this video will make you feel like you're exploring an abandoned cathedral buried deep in a dark, enchanted forest.

    For their other Halloween-themed tracks, listen to "The Abandoned Village" and "Tales of the Nightman." All of them are eight hours long and should keep you dreaming throughout the night.

  2. 9 Hours of Sleep Hypnosis for Nightmares and Unsettling Dreams

    a skeletal nightmare

    If you're a fan of horror movies, then this video may be for you. The creator of this channel regularly posts what he calls "nightmare fuel" and tried his hand at hypnosis a few years ago. Who knows? Listening to this hypnosis might be a good way to confront your fears even as you sleep.

    But if you're just looking for a sleep aid, the creator made a shorter video, which is free from all the creepy chanting.

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