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SleepPhones: Pajamas for your ears

SleepPhones: Pajamas for your earsSBDC Pennsylvania Success Story In 2007, family physician Wei-Shin Lai, MD struggled with falling back to sleep after late night phone calls from patients and...

Five Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Five Ways To... Fall Asleep FasterSimple tricks that help you get a good night's sleep. By Brittani RenaudHealth Magazine Poor sleep is nothing to yawn at - it takes a toll on everything from your...

Sleepless in State College?

Sleepless in State College? By Harry ZimblerState College Magazine As she made her way through her medical residency, Wei-Shin Lai had one problem: getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of...

Sleeping in Style

Sleeping in StyleCNN Money AcousticSheep's SleepPhones Family doctor Wei-Shin Lai was happy to be available to patients during the evenings, but she had trouble falling back asleep after responding...

Bellefonte Start-Up Company Helps Others Get Some Rest

Bellefonte Start-Up Company Helps Others Get Some Rest By Jennifer ThomasCentre Daily Times They're pajamas for your ears - one local couple's invention to counter sleepless nights. The Bellefonte-...

A Look at Food Allergies: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 4/4)

FAQ: Celiac Disease / Gluten sensitivity: Anywhere from 1-5% of white people may have a problem with gluten sensitivity. The symptoms of gluten sensitivity vary widely and is a very complex topic...


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