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The Effects of Sleep on Levels of Productivity

Who needs sleep? The answer is pretty simple: everyone. Yet, despite how critical it is to get a good night’s rest, many of us are skimping on the widely recommended eight hours of shuteye. While...

8 Ways to Make Your Weekly Staff Meetings More Valuable

"Help Everyone Appreciate Each Others Roles" -Dr.Wei-Shin Lai Link to Article

11 Hardest Things About Starting a Company

"Stress on Your Relationships" -Dr. Wei-Shin Lai Link to Article


  "When I think gifts for moms, I think luxury, pampering, and awesome items that’ll simply make any hardworking mama’s life easier. That my friends, is the focus of today’s gift guide – so...

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

“I have experienced sleep issues for years.  I won’t say it is because I couldn’t listen to music while I tried to fall asleep but it might have been.  Enter SleepPhones.  They are...

Santa needs help: The 2017 Gift Guide presents practical, enjoyable and unusual gift ideas

“SleepPhones, $39.99 corded or $99.99 wireless, are headphones in a headband that make it comfortable to listen to music, audiobooks.” Link to Article

Omaha Family Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

"SleepPhones are the world’s most comfortable, bed-friendly headphones. SleepPhones provide a safe and natural way to fall asleep without bulky headphones or painful earbuds." Link to Article

13 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Part-Time Financial Manager

"Make Sure Their Power Has Limitations" -Dr. Wei-Shin Lai By: YEC Link to Article

Sleep Deprivation in Basic Training

Basic combat training (BCT) can be a stressful transition for soldiers, both physically and mentally. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for new recruits is getting accustomed to a new...

SleepPhones By AcousticSheep

"So, for those who like to sleep with earbuds on, you will love this. It has a comfortable fit with a fleece headband. The end result is a way to reduce the ambient noise, for those who need that...

Sleep Better With SleepPhones

"I’ve been using them for a few weeks and more than once I’ve not only calmed down and relaxed enough to be ready for sleep but I’ve also fallen asleep while listening." By Holly  Link to...

AcousticSheep CEO, Wei-Shin Lai, Talks Working Unconventional Hours, Perinatal/Postpartum Sleep...

Sleep problems immediately prior to and immediately after having a baby are quite usual, but this doesn’t necessarily make the side effects any easier to deal with. Between hormone fluctuations,...

Can technology improve your sleep? 4 gadgets put to the test

Link to Article "The SleepPhones are very comfortable to wear and don't feel like headphones at all, meaning you can lie in any position and not worry about pain or discomfort."  

Hurricane Relief Donation

AcousticSheep LLC, our employees,and families find it an extreme necessity to grow together as a nation when disaster strikes. Words cannot express how sorry we are about the recent tragic events...


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