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5 Signs Your Loved One Is Struggling With Alcohol Use Disorder [Infographic]

How To Tell If Your Loved One Is Struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder Alcohol Use Disorder can affect any family. Keep an eye out for these signs to help a loved one, and don't be afraid to reach...

Infographic: 7 YouTubers to Help You Learn While Sleeping

Ever wanted to learn a foreign language, math concepts, and more while you sleep? Then you should definitely check out these YouTube channels to get the 411 on hypnopedia, which is the technical term...

Guest Post: What Exactly Is Hypnobirthing?

  What Exactly Is Hypnobirthing? A unique childbirth preparation style has been making headlines since Princess Kate of the United Kingdom used it for her most recent birth.  ...

Hypnobirthing with SleepPhones

  “You’re hypno, what?” asked my husband. I had just revealed that I planned on hypnobirthing our first child in just a few short months. And like most people, he was confused--and...

Stop Sugar Cravings

Sometimes those sugar cravings are difficult to ignore! Try these 8 strategies the next time you feel yourself wanting something sweet.

Insurance Reimbursement

Can I get reimbursed for my SleepPhones® purchase? Are they covered on my insurance plan? Some insurance plans provide reimbursement for SleepPhones® purchases. Since all insurance plans...

Sleep and Weight Gain: The Hidden Relationship

Sleep and Weight Gain: The Hidden Relationship The time has come for New Year resolutions. We love them, we hate them, we try to achieve them, yet 80% of us fail by the second week in February...

Twelve Ways to Conquer the Mid-Day Slump

12 Ways to Conquer the Mid-Day Slump Keeping your energy up after lunchtime sometimes seems to be an impossible feat. Don’t fall victim to your Mid-Day Slump by trying some of these 12 helpful...

7 Reasons to Never Go Sleepless Again [Infographic]

Ever wonder what really happens to your body after those sleepless nights? Check out these 7 things to gain a little insight.  

Which Pillows Work with SleepPhones®?

Many people ask us if they need to consider a specific pillow when they use SleepPhones®. The good news is that virtually any kind of pillow will pair nicely with your SleepPhones®. Our flat speakers...

The Famous Business Podcast: Talking about AcousticSheep

Dr. Wei-Shin Lai was a guest on The Famous Business Podcast talking about AcousticSheep LLC with Alistair Clay. Link to Podcast

Can You Use SleepPhones® as an Eye Mask?

Can SleepPhones® Headphones Double as an Eye Mask? With research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that one third of U.S. adults aren’t getting the recommended amount of...

7 Nonsleep Ways to Use SleepPhones®

7 Nonsleep Ways to Use SleepPhones® With a name like SleepPhones®, it’s pretty easy to see that the main purpose of our product is to help you get more and better sleep. But thousands of people...

Tips for Sleeping with a Snorer [Infographic]

A snoring partner presents a real challenge to getting needed shut eye. Try these tips before you throw in the towel and decamp to your own space.       

New Report Sheds Light on Headphone Safety for Kids

It’s not uncommon for kids--some barely out of diapers--to use their parents’ headphones or headphones specially marketed to children. While using mini headphones enjoy music and more is fun for...


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