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Learning While Sleeping: Is Hypnopedia For Real or Just Hype?

The idea of learning while sleeping is intriguing. After all, who wouldn't want to "study" for a test or learn a foreign language while catching some zzz's?

The technical term for learning while sleeping is hypnopedia. The notion has attracted attention for ages — and more than a few students have claimed it helped them ace tests. But what does the research say?

Evidence For (and Against) Hypnopedia

new study by University of Zurich researchers is attracting attention for its claims that you really can learn while you sleep. In the study, students were tasked with learning new words in another language. Half the students slept while the words were played to them while the other half listened to the words while they were awake. They were tested three hours later, with the results showing that students who listened to the words while sleeping remembered far more of the words than the students who listened to the words while awake.

Other studies throughout the years have supported so-called "learning by osmosis." Yet just as many other studies have debunked hypnopedia as a pseudoscience. These studies claim that it is impossible for our brains to organize information while we sleep.

Learning While Sleeping Goes Viral

The jury is still out on whether learning while sleeping is possible. But that hasn't stopped people from jumping on the hypnopedia bandwagon.

A quick search on YouTube reveals there's no shortage of hypnopedia influencers who purport to help you learn while you sleep. Check out a few of our favorites here.

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