NEW! SleepPhones® Wireless (Bluetooth® Sleep Headphones)

The SleepPhones® Wireless you love; now with a better battery.

SleepPhones® Wireless sleep headphones are traditional headphones made bed-friendly and cord-free.

Ideal for sleep, travel, yoga and leisure time, our ultra-slim, patented soft and comfortable “headphones in a headband” make listening to audio a dream. Unplug and surround yourself in an ultimate sound experience – without disturbing, or being disturbed by, the person next to you.

SleepPhones® were designed by a family doctor and provide wearable comfort that's literally music to your ears.


  • Stream audio via Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed
  • Get a good night’s sleep naturally, without medications
  • Reduce ambient noise, conversations, traffic sounds, and snoring
  • Relieve stress by listening to your favorite tunes, soothing meditation sounds, radio, sleep-enhancing rhythms, audiobooks, or any other preferred music
  • No uncomfortable earbuds or bulky ear enclosures


  • Sound: Superior sound quality with eco-friendly, lead-free electronics
  • Bluetooth®: Easily pair/sync with Bluetooth® enabled devices and stream audio wirelessly within 15-30 feet (5-10 meters)
  • Controls: Volume and play/pause controls built into the Bluetooth® module
  • Headphones: Removable speakers in a hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric headband

Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth®: 4.0 A2DP
  • Wireless Range: 15-30 feet (5-10 meters)
  • Rechargeable Battery: Full charge lasts up to 12 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours via micro-USB cable (included)
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Fabric: 95% polyester, 5% spandex, pre-shrunk and non-pilling
  • Compliance: CE, RoHS, FCC compliant
  • Safety: Ultra-low power, safe RF emissions
  • Limited One-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA from globally sourced components
  • Free sleep sound online downloads and free iPhone® app

Two Headband Fabrics

All genuine SleepPhones®  headbands are made from our proprietary SheepCloud™ fabric.

  • Fleece headband: Super soft, luxurious, and warm. Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, meditating, and everyday use.
  • Breeze headband:  Breathable and moisture-wicking. Ideal for running and exercising. Preferred by hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates.

Three Packaging Options

  • Eco Packaging: Your SleepPhones® are carefully folded into a resealable plastic bag as a box-free, Earth friendly option.
  • Retail Packaging: Your SleepPhones® arrive in a traditional retail box.
  • Gift Packaging: Your SleepPhones® are placed in an attractive purple box secured with a stretchy silver, bow-topped cord.


Ordering additional or replacement parts for your SleepPhones® Wireless is easier than ever! Our parts chart will help you identify and order exactly what you need.

Reviews from the previous version of this product!

Based on 44 reviews

Great sleep

These work very well to have private sounds playing for those of us with trouble sleeping. There are many sounds out there to choose from and now it doesnt have to be heard by anyone but you. If you are a side sleeper, finally you don’t have to have something hurting your ears! Plus, no wires in your way. It has a large light to see it is charging and easy to see when it is ready for use. I’m very happy.

Better than expected

Didn't think these would be as good as they are! Perfect for sleeping and also early morning yoga when everyone else is still asleep. Comfy. Good sound. Only issue is they're very finicky when charging.

Excellent Wireless SleepPhone

I’m enjoying the product as it give it good surround sound and very comfortable to wear daily.

What I needed & So Glad I Found

After years of using bulky headphones and struggling to have a pillow that adjusted to their size I discovered SleepPhones. Since I often awake in the middle of the night and the best way to get back to sleep is to listen to something. I bought a set with a fleece band. What a delight. My middle of the night listening is much more comfortable, my husband says he can't hear them when his is a pillow way, and the sound quality is great. Highly recommend for use in bed as well as moving about the house wireless.

Enjoying my new headphones

I really lime these headphones. I purchased the Breeze fabric and tho I can't compare them to the fleece, these are cool enough. The sound quality is good. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

juist what i needed

telephone contact : the person was extremely nice, knowledgable and really wanted to help

My neck is saved

I used to wear earpods to bed, but they hurt to lay on, so I'd have to twist my head and neck over my arms to sleep comfortably on my stomach. With these, I can lay flat and snuggle into my pillow in whatever position I need.


muito pratico

Best purchase hands down

Incredibly comfortable with excellent sound quality! I love how easy the headband is to take apart and throw in the wash after working out. I have small ear canals and in-the-ear headphones are very painful, so these were a fantastic alternative.

Great design, great service

The headphones are comfortable to wear to sleep, exactly what I was hoping for. When mine arrived, the Bluetooth module was defective (wouldn’t stay connected), but after a quick exchange with customer service I had a replacement on the way. The new one works perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


I would lie in my bed listening to tv or you tube or my music via headphones or ear plugs.
Often I'd fall asleep only to wake to sore ears or plugs getting yanked out from my ears or my phone dropping to the floor. My partner has a bluetooth beanie and I wandered if there was such a thing as a bluetooth headband. So I let my fingers do some walking with the world wide web and lo and behold there they were. I instantly bought one and I just love them. I can roll around in bed and never have to worry about sore ears or cords. They are the best purchase I have ever made and I highly recommend them.

A dream come true!

I've been using the wireless sleep phones for two weeks now. I'm a very light sleeper and have been using foam ear plugs and a fan for white noise every night for the last 15yrs. I don't use the ear plugs or the fan anymore. I just connect the sleepphones to my cellphone and play my entire collection of Enya albums on random repeat. The sound quality is good and I only have to use the second from the lowest volume setting. Battery has lasted past 8hrs every night as I continue to wear them to listen to local news as I walk my dogs and later have breakfast.

Love these

I went through so many different attempts to find comfortable headphones to sleep with. Ear buds were painful. Headphones with wires used to leave me strangling myself at night. Until I found sleepphones which were a total game changer. I use them every night and they are comfortable, easy to charge and pair. I have had them for about two years without issue. If you’re looking for the best sleeping headphones, look no further.

Can't sleep without them!

I literally can't sleep without these. I wish there was an Extra Small size because the Small is slightly too big by an inch or two but still usable. The Breeze fabric is fantastic and doesn't get hot at all. The earphones can be a little uncomfortable when sleeping directly on them (side sleeper) but I can usually adjust them so it's barely noticeable. It's the best option out there for anyone who needs music or gentle sounds to sleep but who shares a bed with a partner. Unplugging and plugging in to charge the Bluetooth every morning is a little fiddly but I didn't want the Effortless module. I also wash the band at least once a week with my laundry to keep it clean. Having gotten the earphones in and out of the band a few times, it's become less of a hassle to do.

Very happy

We bought these for my daughter because she has trouble falling asleep. This takes away distracting noises like dogs barking, snoring. She really likes the breathable fabric. It is comfortable to wear all night. We would recommend this product. She loves it!


Previous to finding these headphones, I was listening to podcasts with a timer to help me fall asleep. However, I have a hearing loss and couldn't always hear. I looked at the website several times before buying and finally did. I am so happy! It was remarkably easy to pair the headphones with my older phone (I phone 7). It took me a few days to get the hang of feeling the button controls through the fabric but I've got it now. The headband is soft and comfortable. Even the battery is soft. It's easy to move the microphones over my ears. This is a brilliant invention; I am so amazed and appreciative. Congratulations!

Great product for sleep

I was at first skeptical like alot of people, but was pleasantly surprised with the sleep phones. The product quality was great and shipping was fast.
I primarily use the sleep phones at night to fall asleep when my partner is snoring. I mostly listen to "pink noise" but the fantastic thing about this device is you can listening to anything you like. The wireless option is a must so you don't have to deal with cords and can use bluetooth. Of all the sleep aide products out there I believe the Sleep phones is one of the best.
Worth the money.

Saved my marriage

I have bought these for 5 years now; I usually need a new battery every year because I use it so much. But these help to quiet all noises (snoring husbands, loud teenage children, noisy neighbors, etc.) and have helped me get needed rest!

Great idea

I don’t have these yet but think it’s a great idea

Best way to fall asleep

These have been a great addition to my sleep routine. Lately, I've fallen asleep listening to mediations or prayers on my phone using my SleepPhones. I love that the headband doubles as an eye mask for sleeping and stays put around my head all night. Downside is the technology is a little bit clunky for charging, but it holds a charge for a long time! Great sound quality and doesn't bother my husband.

Awesome headphones!

I bought these not knowing what to expect, but I absolutely love them! I use them several times a day and all night! I listen to Rock, disco, rap, metal, everything I want to hear! I simply can't live without then!

Hi Tony, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We really appreciate it!

- SleepPhones

Sleep saviors

Have had my wireless sleepphones for over a year and use them nightly! So comfortable and more effective for sleep music / stories than an external speaker because it drowns out external noise. Combined with my Calm subscription this has improved my sleep significantly.

Very Happy Customer!

My husband snores SO bad! I use wax ear plugs but sometimes they aren't enough! My pair of SleepPhones are a dream come true! I recommend these to anyone who loves sleep!
A very happy customer

Just what I was looking for!

After my daughter received the SleepPhones Wireless headband for Christmas, I knew this was the product I’d been searching for! I wanted something more comfortable to wear at night in bed while listening to my podcasts and SleepPhones are it! BlueTooth = no cords = super comfortable! I’m loving my new SleepPhones Wireless headband!

Sweet Dream

I absolutely love this head band! So, so soft as well as washable!
It is a dream come true to use for a good night sleep and to cancel out any noise instead of ear plugs or hard head phones! You will not be disappointed!

Nighttime necessity

I have been using sleep phones for 7+ years and I can’t live without them. I can’t recommend the wireless ones enough and use them every night. They are comfortable (I’m a side sleeper), not too warm (I buy the fleece ones), the headband is easy to wash, and they speakers are easy to charge.

Lavender Love

My husband gave these to me for Christmas and I absolutely love them. I had been using earbuds every night and that was okay, but I couldn’t lay on my side. The Acoustic Sheep 🐑 headband is delightful! It is like a pair of cozy pajamas for your ears. I probably will get the effortless version if I need another one at some point, but these are great!

Best Find

I have trouble sleeping where I live due to LOTS of noise.
So I started to try MANY different products for listening to music. Each one I tried was better then the noise, but then I started to create more noise then what I was trying to cover up.
Then I started to try earplug headphones. They were ALL uncomfortable.
I was about to give up, until I found SleepPhones. At first I didn't want to spend that much money only to find out it was another waste.
Finally I DID spend the money, and I was so happy with the comfort that I told everyone about them. As for the SOUND that they produce. I was absolutely amazed!!!
Since I'm probably NOT allowed to mention brand names, I WILL mention prices. These produce sound like headphones that I paid $200 for, and I'm VERY picky, because I have perfect pitch.
Now I sleep soundly without having loud music blasting, and I can also hear things around me. They are also wonderful for sleeping with another person, because the flat speakers direct the sound in, NOT out. So only the person wearing them hear the music.
Thanks again for giving me a good night sleep!!!

Product works exactly how I wanted.

Easy to set up and maintain. Comfortable wear throughout the night (side and back sleeper). Solid sound quality and battery life. Judging by other reviews it seems like customer service is prompt and helpful, although I haven’t had to use it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a comfy, unobtrusive way to listen themselves to sleep.

Xmas Gift for Daughter

My daughter had the link to SleepPhones Wireless on her Christmas list. I had never heard of them before, but after reading the glowing reviews decided to order for her. Turned out to be one of her favorite gifts! She used them that night and raved about the fantastic sound quality and comfort of the headband the next morning! I will now be ordering SleepPhones Wireless for me!!

Outrageously comfortable!

I used to sleep with large, clunky headphones on and would wake up to rip them off and keep sleeping. Waking during restful sleep is a thing of the past! I sleep on my side and I love these so much. ASMR sounds delightful on them, and because you can adjust where the speakers sit on your ears, you can get amazing tingles from them. I would like the buttons to be easier to at least feel, but understand that would probably make it a bit painful if you end up sleeping on your back.

There was a mix up with my order which was entirely my fault - I selected the wrong fabric but caught it right away, and also forgot to apply my discount code. Customer service remedies both of these issues nearly immediately since I managed to catch it before it was meant to go out, which was very speedy by the way. All around great service, great product, genuinely recommend to my friends and family.

Change Your Life

They're comfortable for side sleepers and the audio quality is solid. Easy to wear, comfortable, and they'll make life a lot easier if you need to listen to something to fall asleep, and share your bed with someone else.

Best sleep ever!

This purchase was probably the best money spent in 2019! Combined with the Calm app so I can listen to sleep stories and not disturb my husband, I have experienced much better quality of sleep. The head band is comfortable but the device to turn on and off is a bit cumbersome so I just let it"hang out" so I can reach the tiny buttons more easily. It set up like a dream, just charge and then pair with your Bluetooth. Very satisfied so far.

Excellent for sleep, just one small issue.

I am very happy with these for being able to listen to Calm or Zees as I fall asleep. The only thing I find an issue is that in the morning when I wake up, there is a little pain on the back of my ears from the band being on all night. I suspect that even with the largest size, my head is still slightly too large, making them a tiny bit tight. I would love to see one more size up for people who have larger than normal heads, or some sort of adjustable size to compensate, but the issue isn't big enough to stop me using them. .

Hello Crazedhatter,

Thank you for your review! Please note we also offer RunPhones® headbands, which run a bit bigger than our SleepPhones® headbands. They are made out of the same lightweight, moisture wicking fabric as our SleepPhones® Breeze headbands. You would be able to view their sizing chart here -

We would be happy to exchange your headband for a RunPhones® headband! If you could please fill out the warranty form found on our site and send it in with your headband, we will send you a new headband to insert your speakers into! Here is the link to the warranty page: 

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team via email ( or phone (1-877-838-4790, option 0, Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm ET) and we would be more than happy to assist you!

- SleepPhones

Lifesaver when traveling!

I received a pair of these last Xmas and I love them! I listen to the Sleep With Me podcast every night and this makes it almost an ASMR-like experience. i just feel cozy and protected when I’m wearing my Sleepphones. But by far the best use of them that I have found is while traveling; they make it easy to forget I’m not at home. When I wear them I pull the front down over my eyes so they act as a mask, too. I recently took an overnight train trip and even though I didn’t spring for the sleeper bunk I felt pretty well rested thanks to my Sleepphones saving me from the bustle and light and noise of people moving around the train. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

Work great!

I got SleepPhones to listen to the Sleep With Me podcast, and I've basically been using them every night for the past two years. I really do recommend them!

I have the sleep timer on my mp3 player set to 60 minutes, and I use that once, sometimes twice a night. At that usage rate, I only have to charge these two days a week: I usually plug them in on Sunday mornings and Wednesday mornings.

I wear my SleepPhones along with a Mind Fold. I use a Buff-type head cover over the blindfold, then put on the SleepPhones so that the module is over my eyes. I know this is 180 degrees from how they recommend wearing them, but I find this more comfortable. Try both ways and see what works best for you!

Overall, this is really an incredible product, and the best way to listen to any sleep podcast as far as I'm concerned!

Very confortable

This product is awesome, the speakers aren't big so it very comfortable to lay my head on them.

Amazing quality & function

I have worn my sleepphones every night for over 2 years mow! I love that I can listen to calming music, sleep stories, etc and not disturb my husband! I'm able to tune out TV or other noise while in a hotel, and it doesn't disrupt my husband if he stays up later. They are comfy, have great features like volume control, pause & play etc. There are various charging options now, and lots of different colour bands! When I got mine there was the wires or wireless only, and only 2 colour choices! Excellent quality...lasts long too. I finally ordered new bands last month and an extra Bluetooth module as my first one wasn't lasting the 4_6 days on a charge like it was when I first got it. The old one still works, I just preferred to have a new one.

saved my marriage!!!

I love this product. I am very sensitive to the sound of my husband's snoring, especially when traveling when we cannot always get 2 beds.
sometimes I have to wear ear plugs along with my headband, but it is so nice to listen to music that helps me relax. I would encourage anyone with sound sensitivities to invest in these.

Jessica’s review

Amazing 😉

Sweet Dreams

Are used to use my iPhone wired your bolts. I would wake up all tangled in them. The sleep phones wireless headphones are fantastic. I don’t even know that I am wearing them

Concept is great but design has a major flaw

I do not understand why the cords have to be so long and do believe they could be shortened by 60% and definitely make proper positioning of speakers inside the head band both easier and better. Otherwise, as this problem is dealt with, which is becoming more frequent these days, I really do really like and appreciate mine, MOST OF THE TIME. For what its worth. Best wishes as always.

Dear Ronald,

Thank you for your feedback! We offer three different size headbands and all our components are interchangeable and can be placed in any headband we offer. That is the reason the cord for the speakers is the length it is.

Having the proper size headband (with a snug fit) is crucial not only for comfort but for sound purposes too. A proper fitting headband will prevent the speakers from sliding around while in use as well as the headband slipping. Having too snug of a headband, however, might cause discomfort as the speakers would be pressing into your ears.

Should the headband not be the proper fit, we offer a limited one year warranty on our products and would be more than happy to exchange it for a different size! If you could please fill out the warranty form found on our site and send it in with your headband, we will send you a new headband to insert your components into! Here is the link to the warranty page:

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team via email ( or phone (1-877-838-4790, option 0, Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm ET) and we would be more than happy to assist you!

- SleepPhones

Fantastic product

Took the Sleepphone Wireless Bundle very worth it.
Choose this because i tend to have movements in the night and wire gets pulled and damaged like the previous one i had unfortunately. Received it in a beautiful metallic box.
How i use this::
I couple this with silicon earbuds with the stems cutoff to avoid painful earbone aches the next day and are big enough not to go deeper. Works great have been using it for a year already and now i am addicted to it for a good night's rest. use small ringing type alarm clock on bed to wake up in case of emergency. :D
- Good for noisy/incosiderate neighbours who bumps walls and floors in adjacent units.
- Those who are unfortunate to work the graveyard shift like myself and have trouble sleeping in the day.
- Light Sleepers.
- i work 12 hours and have some travelling to do. Charging is an issue. i wish it was quicker. Some days i am unable to charge it fully and get awakened in the night without being able to turn it back on. so i get two! :D
I earn nothing from writing this review and hope to help my fellow humankind with this wonderful and safe to use invention. I would not buy a cheaper model because it would be like strapping a bomb to your head while you sleep at night unless you want to experiment to see if it helps you sleep. \o/

Cool product

Headphones work perfect! I have been searching for a product like this for years and i'm so happy I found it.

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