The One Thing Dads & Grads Really Want

SleepPhones have gained a following among everyone from busy moms to those suffering from tinnitus to ASMR enthusiasts. All of these individuals have benefited from listening to their favorite music, books, podcasts, and more with SleepPhones, the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping and relaxing.

What about dads and grads?

This month, thousands of people will mark a graduation from high school or college. Meanwhile, on June 17, all the dads out there be celebrated on Father's Day.

We all know how hard it can be to find just the right gift for grads and dads. (Does any grad need another copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go?" And how about dad— do any of them really want another humorous mug or tie?)

Give Them the Gift of R&R

Everyone knows that college students and young adults are pretty bad about prioritizing sleep. Meanwhile, most dads find it near impossible to get the rest they need no matter how much of a priority they make it.

The good news is that SleepPhones can help both dads and grads get the R&R they need. Here's just a few ways that thousands of dads and grads have benefitted from SleepPhones over the years.

How Dads Use SleepPhones

  • To block out loud teenagers and their music
  • To zone out while fishing
  • To get some peace and quiet during a family vacation
  • To wind down at the end of a long day of work and parenting
  • To block out their partner's snoring
  • To listen to podcasts while working on home improvement projects
  • To start a meditation practice when it never seems to get quiet in the house
  • To listen to inspiring music while working out
  • To enjoy an audio book
  • To enjoy their Sirius, Spotify, and other streaming subscriptions
  • To make business trips more relaxing

How Grads Use SleepPhones

  • To block out noisy roommates
  • To get an extra boost of concentration while studying
  • To listen to class lectures posted online
  • To stay focused while exercising at the college gym
  • To calm down with a guided meditation before a big exam or job interview
  • To enjoy music and podcasts while waiting at the laundromat or college laundry room
  • To listen to sports game when they can't tune in
  • To listen to Cliff Notes
  • To catch up on the latest news via a current events podcast
  • To block out a roommate's snoring
  • To relax during trips on public transportation

Have some examples of ways you've seen SleepPhones benefit dads and grads? If so, feel free to share them in comments below! And definitely consider helping the dad and grad in your life get needed R&R by giving them their own SleepPhones.

We wish all the dads and grads out there the very best!

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