An Idea to Reality: How Cirrus Became the Face of SleepPhones®

Written by AcousticSheep LLC contributor Happy Valley Communications

Have you ever wondered the story behind the SleepPhones mascot, Cirrus?

Who is Cirrus?

Once upon a time, Cirrus had trouble falling asleep at night. Once he was introduced to SleepPhones, the rest was history. Cirrus' favorite activity, besides cuddling up in bed with his SleepPhones every night, is meeting other people that love SleepPhones just as much as he does!

Fans of SleepPhones can identify with Cirrus' story, as neither Cirrus nor other SleepPhones fans have to count sheep to fall asleep at night.

Cirrus portrays everything SleepPhones embodies: he is fun, loving, observant and calming. His journey began when he was featured in the product's two-dimensional logo. Since then, he, along with his following, has grown exponentially. He has evolved into a plush sheep that guards your Sleephones dutifully during the day, and that loves to cuddle at night.

The Origins of Cirrus

Cirrus was included in the original AcousticSheep LLC logo, but without a name, personality, or identity. People began asking about the story behind the cute, cuddly sheep in the logo.

When asked about how the name Cirrus was chosen, Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, inventor of SleepPhones and CEO of AcousticSheep, said, "We ran a contest, and that was the winner."

Fans of SleepPhones enthusiastically submitted entries, and soon enough there were more than 100 entries to the contest! After a vote by fans on social media, Cirrus was officially named. He now has become the face and spirit of the brand, with a love for music and relaxation.

Cirrus Comes to Life

Recently, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, Cirrus grew to new heights and had the pleasure of meeting many AcousticSheep LLC fans from across the world! Cirrus also met some recognizable faces like Martha Stewart and LMFAO's DJ Lucky Lou. Everybody loved hanging out with Cirrus because he embodies everything that is great about SleepPhones and AcousticSheep LLC!

Cirrus even wrote his own blog post about his experience at CES!

Cirrus was able to interact with the fans as a life-size mascot, drawing a lot of people to the AccousticSheep LLC booth and giving them a chance to directly interact with the brand.

After meeting Cirrus in person, all of the new SleepPhones fans associate Cirrus with AcousticSheep LLC and their comfortable, revolutionary product: SleepPhones.

Cirrus Connects with Fans

Cirrus' popularity at CES led to pictures of him being posted all over the internet. Fans were also able to participate in a contest called "Where is Cirrus?", in which they would find the sheep at CES and use #WhereIsCirrus in their social media posts.

Even if you haven't had the opportunity to have met him yet, fans of SleepPhones can also keep up to date with Cirrus' daily adventures on Instagram! Whether it's celebrating Valentine's Day or playing foosball, Cirrus is always up to something exciting! You can also learn more about his adventures on our blog, Pinterest, Twitter,, YouTube, and Facebook. Cirrus also sometimes announces special offers for our fans on the SleepPhones social media accounts!

On our Facebook page, people often ask how they can cuddle with their own Cirrus. You're in luck, because along with your new pair of SleepPhones, you can purchase your own Cirrus to complete the SleepPhones experience. You can even fit your mp3 player inside him so you don't accidentally press any buttons in the middle of the night. Cirrus also makes an appearance on the SleepPhones mobile app, available now for iPhone, and will help guide you into a restful night of sleep.

The story of Cirrus, who grew from just an image, then to a doll, and now to a successful brand ambassador, shows how a small company in Pennsylvania can develop a strong brand voice that reaches fans across the globe!

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