SleepPhones® Sheep


Say hello to the cute and playful SleepPhones® Sheep, Cirrus!

Cirrus has a back pocket to store SleepPhones® during the day. At night, an MP3 player can fit inside this soft cuddly sheep so you can't accidentally push buttons in the middle of the night.

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Tout doux et mignon et assez gros 💜

💜J’adore ce mouton, belle qualité et grande pochette profonde dans le dos.💜

Peut servir de toutou seulement ou de range bandeau si l’on souhaite.

I ❤️ Scooter

I love my new SleepPhones sheep, which I have renamed Scooter, after my favorite podcaster. This little guy is incredibly well made and perfect for cuddling or storing your sleep phones. I would highly recommend this for kids. The perfect way to set your volume and controls on an MP3 device and hide inside for a wonderful, cuddly bedtime story.

Super adorable!

This stuffy is soo incredibly soft like a baby's toy. He looks adorable on my bed resting against the pillows, and you can use his rear pouch to enclose an aromatherapy sachet. Love my Cirrus lamb!

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