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Care Instructions for SleepPhones® and RunPhones®

All of our headbands are machine washable! This is important to do from time to time to prevent the headband from stretching, which will also help to eliminate oils that may build up and weaken the polyester fibers. All you have to do is simply remove the speakers and Bluetooth® module (for the wireless product) through the velcro opening located in the back of the headband before washing. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry medium. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. Avoid fabric softener which reduces wicking. Insert the speakers when the band is dry. The right speaker is red and the left speaker is green. The white side should be against your ears. Insert speakers about four inches, then insert the gray square before closing the Velcro. Lastly, adjust to fit.

To prolong the life of your product, we make the following recommendations:

  • When disconnecting the cord from your player, please be sure to grasp and pull on the plug and not the cord to protect the wires connection.
  • Do not wrap the cord tightly around the headband. It is best to keep the cord loosely coiled to avert strain on the wires.

You can find a demonstration video that will show how to properly re-insert the speakers at: