Military Member Kimberly Talks About Life With SleepPhones®

In what branch did you serve? For how long? OR are you still in?

I am still in the Army Reserve. I have been serving off and on for 24 years, some active duty, some Reserve.

Why did you choose the military?

I joined the Army out of high school to get a jump start on becoming a responsible adult and to travel. I had never traveled far from my hometown prior to enlisting.

Are you still active in the military community?

I am very active in the military community. Since I'm still enlisted, I'm active whether I want to be or not!

What led you to seek out a sleep aid?

I remain incredibly alert when I'm asleep. I hear everything — even deer walking in my yard. I do best when I'm listening to a constant, droning ambient sound so that I'm not alerted by individual noises. Especially when I'm required to sleep in an open bay with other soldiers who snore and cough and talk on their phones, I very rarely sleep. I had just made peace with the fact that whenever I am mobilized, I just have to get to the point of complete exhaustion before I am able to get a full night's sleep (takes me about three days of no sleep to reach that point), which severely impacts my ability to perform at my job. I had previously slept with earbuds connected to an ipod so that I could listen to music, but had never found earbuds that don't severely hurt my ears. I had also tried a sleep pillow and a music hat (hat with flat speakers built-in), neither of which worked for my needs.

Why did you choose SleepPhones® over other brands?

I don't remember how I heard about SleepPhones, but I was thrilled when I saw the ad. I immediately ordered a pair of SleepPhones and also ordered two generic versions off of eBay. I like SleepPhones because they work more reliably and the speakers and battery boxes are less obtrusive compared to any other brand I've found. I still remember the first night I used them. I had just returned from a year-long mobilization away from my family and was headed out for a vacation with my husband. He snores horribly, and sharing a hotel room usually means that I will have to put up with interrupted sleep. I tried the SleepPhones and slept completely through the night. It was miraculous. I haven't slept a night without them since. I have three pair and usually make sure to have two with me at all times when I travel, just in case one gets damaged. I also purchased a battery bank specifically to charge them when I'm traveling so that I'm guaranteed to have them functioning when needed. My friends, colleagues, and family all know how important my SleepPhones are to me.

Did you know they were developed by a doctor?

I did not know that they were developed by a doctor. Or maybe I forgot.

How long have you been using SleepPhones?

I've been using SleepPhones since October 2014.

Which SleepPhones® headphones do you use?

I use the wireless model (Bluetooth).

Would you recommend our products to other people in similar situations?

I am constantly recommending these to everyone.

What drives you?

What drives me? No idea. I hate being bored. I want to do and see everything before I die. And I need good sleep to do so.

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