Lumie Elite 300 Sleep-Alarm Clock

BioBrite is a great company based in Maryland that designs high-quality full-featured light-box alarm clock. It's basically everything sleep experts recommend for you to have at the night stand, packed in one. We now carry their best model on our website. It's the Lumie Elite!

The company was nice enough to offer one to us for testing. The dome is made from heavy, high quality frosted glass that diffuses a soft warm light. The illuminated clock is is easy to program and can be dimmed or brightened as desired. There is a plug in the back for listening to music with SleepPhones. Alternatively, there are nice built-in speakers that play the sleep music. It comes pre-programmed with well-known Meditainment meditation tracks, but you can plug in your own SD card with your own music too. You can listen to the radio too. In the morning, you can set bird chirping and a brightening light as a gentle wake up. As a back up, you can also set a beeper alarm. This elegant little device is choke full of features designed for optimal sleep.

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