Airbnb Host Affiliate Program

Here's Something Your Airbnb Guests Are Sure to Love...

SleepPhones® Affiliate Program for Airbnb Hosts

SleepPhones® headphones are a great product to enhance your guest experience and get even better reviews. The flat speakers inside of a soft, comfortable headband will allow your guests to drift off to sleep in comfort as they adjust to a different environment. The headband is machine-washable and can be washed right along with the rest of the linens. SleepPhones® are perfect for travel, too, so your guests can wear them on the plane or car ride home if you carry inventory. For information about our Wholesale Department, please email Amanda Ace at

For you, the Host:

  • Free SleepPhones® product.
  • Discount on additional SleepPhones® product.
  • Commission for each SleepPhones® sale referred.

For your guests:

How to Partner With Us

  1. Click here to register as a SleepPhones affiliate.
  2. Include your Airbnb listing URL under "Website / Blog" in registration form.
  3. Email once registration is complete to obtain guest discount code.
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