Why SleepPhones®?

The original "pajamas for your ears" are a cut above—and here's why.

Unbeatable Comfort

SleepPhones® feature wafer thin speakers in a soft, stretchy headband that comes in two fabrics and three sizes. There's nothing like them on the market!

No Harmful Earbuds

Because they get dangerously close to the eardrum, earbuds can lead to hearing damage, impacted earwax, and moisture build up.

A Reliable, Long Lasting Battery

You can rely on wireless SleepPhones® batteries to hold up to a 10 hour charge and to last for many years. This is often not the case with other brands on the market!

Listen to Whatever You Want

No one wants to be locked into listening to the same thing all the time. With SleepPhones®, you can listen to music, meditation tracks, audiobooks, podcasts, and whatever else relaxes you.

The First and Best Sleep Headphones

Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe created the world's first headphones for sleeping in 2007 and spent years perfecting them. Helping you get more and better sleep is our company's sole focus.

More Than a Million Sold

People all over the world are enjoying more sleep and relaxation thanks to SleepPhones®. You should be next!

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