The AcousticSheep Harmony Project™

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by AcousticSheep LLC

When you're the company behind the first and most awarded headphones for sleeping, it's only natural to ask: What's next when it comes to helping people get the best rest of their lives? The answer is the AcousticSheep Harmony Project™.

This cutting-edge project is pioneering the future of sleep science by determining the sound technologies that most effectively promote deep, restful sleep.

The success of the AcousticSheep Harmony Project™ depends on you.

Why It Matters

We're on a mission (with your help!) to discover what sounds are truly optimal for inducing relaxation and deep sleep. Your participation plays an indispensable role in advancing the science of sleep for millions of people all across the globe!

How It Works

The AcousticSheep Harmony Project™ is a revolutionary sleep induction app that uses artificial intelligence to generate, recommend, and deliver the most effective deep sleep inducing music, rhythms, and sound patterns. We call these sounds "sheep", and each possess unique and exclusive traits—just like people.

These tracks are specifically designed to help lull you into a deep state of slumber. When you wake up, simply rate how well that specific sheep helped (or didn't help) you fall asleep. By doing this, you’re helping our AI system to continually produce more effective sleep induction sounds. When a new generation of sheep becomes available, we'll let you know so you never miss out on any of these exciting advancements!

The technology is complex, but your part is easy.

The future of sleep science is in your hands! Download the AcousticSheep Harmony Project™ today!

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