SleepPhones® Headband — No Speakers


SleepPhones® headbands come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Buy a couple extra to have on hand! SleepPhones® headbands are machine-washable.

Fabric Options:

  • Fleece:  Featuring our innovative SheepCloud™ fabric, our Fleece option is woven from a luxurious, soft and cozy fleece material for the most comfortable fit during each and every use. 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Breeze:  Breeze features our innovative SheepCloud™ fabric. The fabric is cool, stretchy & lightweight that is suited for fitness enthusiasts and those who find the fleece fabric too heavy or live in warmer climates. 95% polyester, 5% spandex.

This band does not include speakers and therefore offers no ambient sound reduction.

Customer Reviews

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love the fleece

I have a fleece headband for sleeping and I do not find id too hot. Its comfortable and as I sleep it falls over my eyes so I get a sleep mask too. I think maybe the fleece stretches a lot and move around too much if I turn my head, then I can't hear from the headphones.It does shrink up some if I wash and dry it in the dryer but stretches out again. I ordered a smaller headband in fleece and will try that out. Love the SleepPhones though so much. I have had them for at least four years. Original Bluetooth speakers still going strong. I use them almost every night.

Very soft but....

The first order I did I purchased the breeze in a large based off their size chart, which I really like, but ended up being too big so I needed to go down a size. I decided to try the Fleece in a medium. The headband is definitely soft and the medium fits much better but as they mention it is heavier and in my personal opinion it is not for hot sleepers. As with the first pair, the earphones can be tricky to adjust and sometimes have to be adjusted more than once. Overall, I like the sleep phones and recommended them to my husband who then bought a pair for himself.


These are the perfect fit and are so comfortable!

Love The New Breeze Material

I’ve been along time fan of Sleep Phones. Sleep phones have helped me with my tinnitus and sleeping for over 10 years. The new Breeze fabric is great for me as I get too warm sleeping sometimes. I also have the fleece headband for when it is cold.

Breathable and stretchy

If you run hot, the Breeze fabric is fantastic! It's a quality mesh design that lets you wear the sleepphones without feeling like there's a heavy winter coat on your ears. The fact the headbands are machine washable if you use them to work out (I do sometimes) is an added plus!

Fits just right!

I've bought two extra breeze headbands for my sleepphones. The small size fits perfectly for an easy night of sleep while I'm at work! I bought the fleece but it gets too hot for me. Maybe if you don't sleep hot or keep your room especially cool it'll work for you!

Comfortable headbands, wish there was X-Small size

I can't sleep without my wireless SleepPhones on all night, every night. I have two each of the Fleece fabric and Breeze fabric headbands. The Fleece headband is slightly larger than the Breeze headband by an inch or so, for some reason. Both are very comfortable to wear. The Fleece headband is super cozy. The Breeze headband is great for summer because it doesn't get hot. I really wish there was a X-Small size of these headbands. They're both slightly too large for me, by an inch or two, so they shift during the night. Please consider making an X-Small size of these headbands.

Rest Easy

I had a feeling I didn't select the right size when I originally ordered my product. Unfortunately, the return window expired. Luckily, AcousticSheep sells the head band separately. Not only did I have a choice of colors and materials but also another size. The new size looks, feels, and fits great and now I'm sleeping even better!


Only fleece was available when I ordered my AcousticSheep headphones. I need the cooler ones and I love having different colors to walk in. My sleeping and walking are much improved. I highly recommend the headphones and bands.


Best sleep I've had in a long time since I moved into an apartment where tv sounds kept me up at night. Other headphones were too uncomfortable. These are awesome! I also enjoy being able to workout to my own favorite music rather than adjust to whatever is playing. I love having my options!! So I bought different headbands for different outfits. :)

Super comfy!!!

I love my SleepPhones headbands! They are so super comfy! I got the breathable one with my SleepPhones, but ordered a separate fleece one for the winter time. Both are very soft and non-irritating! I highly recommend an extra pair or two, especially for when you wash them and for the different seasons!!!

Great find and works so well

This was a great find since I already had a band but it was fleece and I knew that warmer months were coming. Lucky for me it arrived on what was probably the 1st warm day of this year. These work perfectly with my speakers & battery and the sound is just as good if not better than it was with the fleece one. I totally recommend this product. Listening to relaxing music while sleeping is so cathartic.


I love my SleepPhones and now I’m even more in love with this headband. It’s so comfy and soft. Now that I’m writing this before bed, I Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Runs Large but GREAT Product

I initially bought the Breeze headband with Bluetooth speakers in a size Medium thinking I have a pretty average size head. I measured my head roughly with a measuring tape and was in the range for a medium. It ended up being way too big on my head! It would slip down onto my face while just sitting or standing around. So I bought the size small headband and transferred my speakers into the small headband and it fits MUCH better. Sleepphones are my new favorite product! I’ve been wanting to buy a pair for quite some time now and finally got around to it and I’m obsessed! Good sound quality and easy to use. The small headband does still slip off my hair above my forehead a little bit when I roll around in my sleep, but it’s a small annoyance for being able to listen to my favorite ASMR and let the tingles put me to sleep!

Best find of the year!

It is so convenient to have multiple headbands. I have some for working / exercising outside and addtional pairs for bedtime. This way you have time to launder and dry . Great system easy to use and comfortable.

Great product for nighttime music listening

I had originally purchased this as a size I thought was correct. After using it I realized it to too large. I purchased an new headband one size smaller and transferred the electronics over. It is perfect now. I love it.

Best thing ever!!

I literally use these every night !!
My husband snores and we had been playing the musical beds game until I found these!
I put it on white noise and sleep great.

Love the fleece fabric!

Super soft and lightweight with a little stretch. Soo comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it. Love how easy it is to switch headbands to launder..soo love my sleepPhones

A band for all seasons

I love being able to use the original breezy material for the warmer seasons and this fuzzy comfy material in the cooler ones.


Soooooo soft! You NEED to get the Fleece!!!!!

So comfortable!

The headbands are so comfy to wear! I like both fabrics, the breeze is perfect for summer months and the fleece is great for cold winter nights.

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