SleepPhones® Speakers Prices Vary


In case something happens to your SleepPhones® speakers, you can now replace them easily!

These come with the same one-year limited warranty as your original SleepPhones®. The Standard and Microphone and Volume Control cords are 48 inches long.

Please note that these do not come with the SleepPhones® headband.

  • Standard Cord - Our original 4 foot (120cm) cord with 1/8" (3.5 mm) plug and 2 fabric wrapped thin speakers.
  • Microphone and Volume Control - The little controller on the cord has it all! You answer and talk on the phone, start and stop your music, and change the volume without fumbling for your music player in the dark.
  • Wireless Speakers (No Module) — This offers just the micro-USB short cable with speakers, with nothing else. Please note that this won't plug into most phones and is meant to be used with our wireless module.
  • Wireless Module with Speakers — Upgrade to a completely wireless headphone! This set includes the Bluetooth® wireless receiver module as well as the speakers that go with it.

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The Best

These things are the best! Because I sleep with a snorer, the sleep phones have changed my life! I literally will not live without them ever again!

Helps me sleep

I can go to sleep effortlessly with my SleepPhones. I listen to podcasts.


I'd held held off for years from switching the corded speakers to the bluetooth ones, and I finally just decided to go for it. They are really quite wonderful, more comfortable, and simply do not need to worry about the wires. It's great and perfect as a side sleeper. I got another set of wired ones just in case as a back up should the wireless ones stop working and I need a quick replacement between the time it takes to get new speakers.

Good buy

I bought some off brand speakers and they were folded up. The kept getting tangled up as they wouldn’t come unfolded. They took over 2 years to not get tangled. Sleep phones don’t have that problem. I listen to audio books to get to sleep. I listen to tv on my iPad so I don’t wake up husband and dog in the morning. They work great.

Innovative Use of Micro-USB

I bought a new set of speakers so I could have a backup, but these things last for years! The use of Micro-USB ensures a secure connection to your Bluetooth module while allowing you to easily unplug it for charging. They're comfortable to sleep on, even for side sleepers.

Love my sleep phones

My husband found these for me and I've bee using them for about 2 or 3 years now. I ordered a spare battery and head bands. I like to listen to movies and you tube which annoys my husband so these sleep phones are the perfect solution for both of us.

I also use the band as an eye mask, so I also sleep better for blocking out light.

Thank you for such a fantastic product.

High quality product

I know I can trust that this speaker set works and is safe to use.

pleasure sleeping

these sleep phones work! not to mention they are soft, easy to use, and the sound is perfect. Never had such a good night sleep till sleepPhones. my wife and i no longer fight about her snoring.

Loving the 'back-up' options - rather than having to purchase a whole new one!

Have been using regular ear-bud headphones to get myself to sleep and they are just killing my ears!! I live in Australia and there just aren't any other options available here... so was so excited when I found SleepPhones, and after much 'umming and ahhing' I am finally doing it!! I'm making the order!
I'm loving the opportunities to purchase additional parts and 'back-ups' without having to purchase a whole new set every time! Am planning on buying a second charging cord and headband with my NEW Wireless SleepPhones, as well as an AU wall adaptor; thank you for giving us the options AcousticSheep!! :-)

My backup headphones

I rely on Sleepphones to sleep through the night. Years ago I switched to the wireless system. I now use the wired version as a backup. They are perfect for travel or when I forget to charge the wireless module. Having tinnitus for many years Sleepphones allow me to get a good night's sleep.

Multiple purchases

I recently purchased a second set of these for my husband. He tried to get away with a cheap knockoff that drove him crazy with random beeps throughout the night AND were uncomfortable to sleep in. He's loving the difference!

Great to get to, and stay, asleep.

I bought the corded one several years ago. It got me on the road to being able to sleep at night. I’m rather rough on my things, and after wearing them all night every night, a wire broke. We saldered it back together a which lengthened its life significantly—just not indefinitely.😢 Its great to discover I can buy the headphones separately😃
I highly recommend the SleepPhones for anyone who struggles to sleep and encourage you to use soft sleep inducing music, at as low a level as possible.
Happy sleeping!

Better than any of the knock-offs

I am a repeat buyer of SleepPhones. This is my third pair now over approximately 4-5 years (headphones under $100 tend to last between 1-2 years average, so this is well withing normal range). I should preface this with the disclaimer that I am a side-sleeper and very sensitive to things pressed to my ear. The last time I needed to buy a new pair, I decided to try some of the knock-off brands you can find on Amazon in the hopes of saving some money. Let me tell you, there is NO substitute. I wish I could attach pictures; after my last pair gave out, I decided to cut open my non-working SleepPhones out of curiosity to compare thickness of the knock-offs vs. SleepPhones. I'm not exaggerating when I say that SleepPhones speakers are half the width of of the knock-offs. This is why they are so comfortable. The sound quality/volume is slightly less than the knock-offs, probably due to the size of the speakers, but it's well worth it to be able to actually sleep at night. The only reasons I gave 4 stars is because the speakers have a tendency to move around in the headband, and because the sound is pretty audible to others (my husband notices it, but he snores so I figure we are even). I am a SleepPhones customer for life. I've even suggested them to multiple friends who have had only good things to say about them. Thank you AcousticSheep, for giving me back my sleep.


I’ve been using these for over two years and I can’t sleep without them. I recently had to replace the speaker part and it was easy and affordable.

Can't sleep without them

I bought my SleepPhones about 3 years ago. I use them nightly. I literally can't sleep without them. A few weeks ago my left ear quit working. I ordered my replacement and they shipped out quickly. I love my SleepPhones!

Best way to fall asleep

I fall asleep to my favorite Calm Meditation tunes on Pandora using these sleep phones. They are very comfortable and I fall asleep every time. The cord is long enough to plug into my IPad that's on the bedside table. And, if you're not ready to fall asleep, put on comedy or other music and not wake your partner!

cannot sleep well without these

I had my first pair for about 16 months. The cord right next to the plug became damaged over time and they stopped working. It seems that area on the cord is subject to folding back and forth right next to the plug and I guess the wires inside must have broken. Fist one speaker went out then the other when I was trying to plug them in. Since I use them every night for sleeping and sometimes during the day for meditation or yoga I think they held up pretty well.
I ordered a replacement pair right away. Luckily, they were on schedule to ship the next day. I didn't have to wait long at all despite covid 19 slowing most things down, understandably.

Must have

I have been using sleep phones since the beginning. I’m addicted to them. I used to not sleep with anything no noise. And now I find myself not being able to sleep without them. Allow yourself the time to ease into using them because once you do you will find that it is a peaceful sleep. I wear mine backwards so the Bluetooth is at the top of my head rather than the back of my head. It is more comfortable that way and I can control the sound easier if it’s worn on the top of the head. Love the product

Perfect for a problematic situations

I had a problem with my dog that he loved to jump on my bed when I was not in my room and when he saw my SleepPhones...
He did not swallow any of it but he bit the cable through but luckily I bought a second pair of these for when something like this happens.

Get the part you need

I love that I can purchase just the part I need/want to replace without having to buy a whole new system! I have a Bluetooth module and a headband, so all I needed was new speakers and I'm ready to go.

Thanks for repair parts!

In this age of throw-away and disposable culture it so refreshing to find a company that not only makes a wonderful problem serving a real need, but also let's us fix it when necessary rather than throwing it all away. Three quiet bedtime cheers!

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