Variety Gift Set - Headbands Only


SleepPhones® headbands come in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Your Variety Gift Set will be in the size you request (S, M, L), but the 4 headbands will be a random selection of colors and fabrics. 

SleepPhones® headbands are machine-washable, and this is the perfect set of four so you can have a couple extra on hand, and receive a discount!

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Even better than I expected!

I was a bit skeptical that I would really be happy with a random assortment, afraid that I would receive only wacky colors/patterns. I couldn’t have been more surprised nor happy with this assortment! I even received an equal amount of Fleece and Breeze bands! When I ordered my first Sleepphones (Feb 2021 - through Amazon, because I wanted fast, Prime shipping) I ordered a Medium based on my head measurements and their chart, against my better judgement because I know I have a small head (I trusted their measurements because there would be components and comfort knowledge). The Medium wasn’t necessarily too big, but it wasn’t the snug fit I prefer. So, I proceeded with ordering the Size Small for this assortment as a replacement and in hopes of also trying the breeze fabric.. I’m saying all of this because I freaked when they arrived and some of them had XS/S labels on the bands. Not realizing that they had changed their sizing system recently, I was afraid an XS/S would be way too tight, but it was actually quite perfect! So, don’t panic if you order a particular size and something labeled slightly different arrives — that’s probably why I was able to get such an awesome deal on a wide assortment of fabrics and colors without paying a fortune. I’m so grateful! Sleepphones has changed my life — thank you!!

Headbands package

Great deal! I love the options I have. There are 4 to choose from. In this cold weather the fleece one is perfect! Fast, efficient service. Highly recommend.

It's like a surprise bag when you were a kid!

I order a set of 4 headbands and I'm thrilled with the colours and styles I received. It's completely random, so you never know what you will receive... I got 2 fleece bands and 2 of the breeze bands. Blue, grey, pink and purple! The hardest part is choosing which one to use tonight. Lol. I love having a spare headband ready so that I can switch it out and not have to wash the band right away.

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