AcousticSheep LLC: Sampler CD

  1. Dreams Across Time

    A guitar strums a relaxing tune, supported by an orchestra. (20 minutes)

    This is the same music as Dreams Across the Gulf of Time on the Dreams CD. Joel Steudler is a composer and graphic artist whose work can be found in film, television, videogames, and comic books. Joel is equally adept at crafting musical scores filled with pulse pounding action and gentle melodies that will lull you to sleep... and he tries to avoid getting one mixed up with the other. Living in hilly western Pennsylvania, Joel whiles away his days crafting audiovisual media, watching hockey, and digging out from under the snow every spring... kind of like a groundhog.

  2. Newport Waves

    Listen to the gentle roar of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island. We recorded this late one night in 2007, climbing down to the rocks next to the mansions. In the background, there are special tones that help you fall asleep faster (bianural beats for sleep induction). (20 minutes)

  3. Deep Sleep White Noise

    Drown out annoying sounds with this white noise track overlaid with special sounds that keep you in deep sleep (binaural beats for deep sleep). (20 minutes)

Produced by AcousticSheep, LLC, makers of SleepPhones. ® AcousticSheep, LLC 2011

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