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The Harmony Project App Help

We're here to help! Whether it's helping you use The Harmony Project app, or helping you get the right SleepPhones for your lifestyle, our team is here for you.

How Harmony Works

Lots of companies claim to have just the right music, rhythms, sound patterns, etc. to help you fall asleep. But their claims often lack any meaningful science or testing. That's where Harmony is different. We're out there to discover the most effective sound technologies for sleep by combining our sophisticated machine learning with the experiences of citizen scientists like you. We call our collection of genetically determined sounds the AcousticSheep Herd, within this herd we have the sheep that represent the individual tracks you listen to.

The technology is complex, but your part is easy.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Listen to one of our sheep designed to help lull you into sleep...
  3. Rate how well the sheep helped you sleep. (Choose from one to five stars— half star ratings are allowed.)

As time goes on and more people participate, sheep that continually generate great sleep will move on to create even better, more adept generations of the AcousticSheep Herd. As for the others, they will be phased out. Ultimately we hope to discover the scientifically-proven sound technologies to help people sleep and we can't quite do it without people like you participating in this project.


Q. On what devices can I use The Harmony Project app?

A. Harmony works with iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod touch™ as well as any Android™ device with access to Google Play.

Q. Are you having trouble getting The Harmony Project app to work?

A. Try uninstalling the app from your device and then reinstall it. Also, check to make sure your device has been updated to the latest version of iTunes.

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