ASMRtist Spotlight — Alana ASMR

Alana watched ASMR videos for six years before she started making her own content at the urging of a fellow ASMRtist.

The Canadian describes her style as minimalist. For her SleepPhones®: ASMR Edition track, she focused on a wide range of triggers. "I included microphone brushing, microphone scratching, fabric scratching, wood tapping, whispered trigger words, and blowing on the microphone," she says. "It's a compilation of sounds sure to relax listeners."

The most rewarding part of her ASMR journey was when she received a message from a subscriber thanking her for creating videos that helped him deal with insomnia and anxiety. "Hearing the difference my ASMR makes for people is the most heartwarming feeling," she says.

Alana admires many other ASMRtists and would love to do a collaboration with one of them one day.

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Listen to a Sample of Alana ASMR's Exclusive Track:

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