We Are On Spotify!

By: Joey Kadish, AcousticSheep LLC contributor and Account Executive for Happy Valley Communications

At AcousticSheep LLC, we've always cared about how you listen to your music. Our SleepPhones and RunPhones products make listening to your favorite songs more comfortable and easier than ever. But what happens when you've exhausted that treadmill playlist or are in need of some new snooze tunes? Don't worry— we've got you covered.

AcousticSheep LLC is excited to announce our brand new Spotify accounts for both SleepPhones and RunPhones products. We've gotten the ball rolling with four awesome playlists that we know you'll love. Whether you're at the gym or lying down for a catnap, slip on our snug headphones and let the music move you (or help you drift off to sleep!).

Our workout playlists are jam-packed with high energy and fast-paced jams to give you that extra push. Hit the elliptical or pump some iron with tracks from Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna, and more! When you're ready to rest, let our Sleep Sounds song collections provide soothing and calming music to give you the perfect night's sleep. These playlists can be accessed any time on your computer or Smartphone, just by downloading the free Spotify app!

Check our accounts often to hear more music that will inspire you to create your own playlists!

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