Stolen SleepPhones Shipment

The shipment of SleepPhones that were to go out on Tuesday, January 19, are missing. We are not sure where they could be at this time. Sometime between 8:30am and 1:30pm, someone took them, and it was not the post office. This incident was reported to the police on Friday, Jan. 22, and we are working with the police to investigate this matter.

Tuesday, January 19, was the Tuesday after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We had orders from Friday Jan. 15 to Tuesday Jan. 19 in that shipment. It was a very large shipment, so we are quite upset about it. We are also upset that customers who ordered on Jan. 15th would have to wait until until Jan 27- Jan 30 to receive their package now. The international orders that normally take 2-3 weeks will have to wait even longer now. It's definitely an anomaly in our customer service, and we hope our reputation of 4.8 stars out of 5.0 stars on Google does not suffer.

It's been a bit of a nightmare in other ways. We will refund the rush shipping charge for all involved customers. All customers were notified by email of the incident. We have to ask for refunds for all of the postage we used to send out the original ones. I have unarchived all of the orders involved, but I cannot "re-ship" them with a different tracking number. So customers will have to receive a new tracking number email. We have received a few complaints so far, and I am anticipating more. Some customer spam filters are set in such a way that our emails do not reach them, so I'm sure I'll get some phone calls about this. We talked with the police last night, the postmaster this morning, some neighbors, and the county dump. We had to meet with our employees to pick up some finished SleepPhones from them on short notice. Our weekend will be spent trying to catch back up on all of the orders. Since the merchandise is likely lost forever, we will have to talk to our CPA about writing off this loss. And we'll have to talk to the police throughout this week to see what happened.

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