Speakers and Product Information

What are the technical specifications for the speakers?



Are the speakers relatively flat?

The speakers are not completely flat, but are very thin discs that are enclosed in felt. The speakers are a special design made exclusively for us by a company that also makes high-end audiophile quality speakers. We cannot claim audiophile status, but most people are pleasantly impressed with the sound quality. Most people cannot feel them when sleeping on their side.

Are the right and the left speakers clearly marked?

The right side speaker has red stitching on the fabric square and the left side speaker has green stitching on the fabric square. It is necessary that the speakers be placed properly in the headband since they are stereo and play side specific sounds, which is very important if the user is listening to music utilizing binaural beats technology or any other recordings that have side specific tones. The speakers are moveable within the headband and can be moved in to proper position over each individual’s ears. Please view this short video for more information regarding speaker placement.

How do I know which SleepPhones® headphones are right for me?

The chart on this page will help you decide what SleepPhones® headphones will work for you based upon their individual specs and features.

Have there been different version of SleepPhones®?

Yes. They are slightly different. Please visit our SleepPhones® Generations page to see the different versions.

What is the current version of SleepPhones®?

Our latest products feature our SleepPhones® tag in the back of the headband near the velcro opening.

SleepPhones fleece side view and SleepPhones breeze front view

Fleece Colors: Midnight Black, Quiet Lavender, and Soft Gray

Breeze Colors: Pitch Black, Royal Blue, Wild Orchid, and Graphite Gray

Headband Material: Fleece or breeze fabric are both 95% polyester, 5% spandex

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Speakers: Are fully adjustable. Just shift them around within the headband for perfect placement

Washing: Headbands are machine-washable after removing the speakers through the velcro opening

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