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Sleep is something we all need--but too many of us struggle to get the zzz's we need.

Fortunately, there are products like SleepPhones to help you drift off to la-la land with ease. And now you can shop SleepPhones and lots of other great sleep products at select Nordstrom stores across the United States and Canada.

Since 2013, the department store has featured themed pop-up shops called Pop-In@Nordstrom. And from now until August 26, you can shop a specially curated selection of high-quality sleep products at the Sleep-In@Nordstorm.

Like the pop-up shops before it, Sleep-In@Nordstorm features a variety of high-quality hand-picked products at a wide variety of price points. You’ll find two varieties of SleepPhones there--Wireless in Midnight Black and Soft Gray--along with mattresses, pillow sprays, acupressure mats, and much more.

The Sleep-In@Nordstorm takes place now until August 26 at the following Nordstrom stores:                           

  • Domain Northside, Austin, Texas
  • Downtown Seattle, Seattle, Washington
  • Bellevue Square, Bellevue, Washington
  • The Grove, Los Angeles, California
  • South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California
  • NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas    
  • Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
  • CF Pacific Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia    
  • CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario

​You can also shop all the great products from Sleep-In@Nordstorm at And of course you can always find all the SleepPhones you love at


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