Relief For Hot Sleepers

headphones for sweaty hot weather


MENOPAUSE!!! Please, please, PLEASE come up with a cool mesh sort of headband.


While many individuals experience normal perspiration while sleeping, the cause of night sweats can be drastically different from person to person and create uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Various medications, hormone fluctuations as is typical during menopause and medical conditions can cause excessive sweating beyond what is necessary to cool the body.

Some people are naturally warmer than others based on slightly higher core body temperatures. However, even those with an average temperature can get hot during the night. SleepPhones® recently launched the SheepCloud™ Breeze fabric line. SheepCloud™ Breeze fabric is a cool, soft, lightweight stretchy fabric that is geared toward hot sleepers. The creators of SleepPhones® also developed RunPhones®, which feature headphones in a lightweight, moisture-wicking headband.

Both of these products are a fantastic solution to help hot sleepers sleep cooler throughout the night, wake up refreshed and feel rejuvenated. Many of our customers living in warmer climates absolutely love the thinner fabrics for extra breathability too.

There are a variety of physical modifications you can make within your bedroom to make sleep more comfortable as well. Visit our 8 Tips for Sleeping in the Heat information page to learn more about creating a cool space to get a better night's sleep.

Disclaimer: Written by Wei-Shin Lai, MD. This should not substitute for medical advice from your doctor. Please call your doctor if you have any concerns regarding night sweats.

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