New Photos!

We hired William Ames to hire some models and take some pictures. Everyone came to our house to take pictures in the spare room Thursday. The pictures turned out great! We'll be using them for the website soon. And when we go to our Expo next weekend, we'll have a big banner up using one of the pictures. Now we just have to decide which of the 330 pictures to use. Talk about information overload in the digital age!

Mr. Ames was wonderful to work with. Many photographers are used to doing weddings, landscape, and portrait shots. The non-professional photographer just wants decent pictures of people and their activity at the time, so a person standing in front of the Eiffel Tower is a good enough picture. In product photography, there are a whole different set of rules. For example, instead of focusing on the eyes and the face, the photographer may focus on the product itself. Paying attention to stray hair, decreased distractions, and model expressions are much more important. Also, choosing clothes on the models that differ enough from the background helps in photoshopping the picture later. The color of the clothes can be easily changed. The background can be cut out and replaced. He taught me these tricks and worked with me to implement the poses I needed for the application I needed. Photographing for print is different from web design, for example. I didn't realized how important it was to be so specific about my needs until talking with Mr. Ames. I highly recommend William Ames Photography.

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