National Sleep Awareness Week

From March 7-13, we are celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week! There will be a new announcement every day, full of tips about sleep and fun SleepPhones Specials. Currently, we are offering free shipping!

Sleep Tip of the Day:

Bright sunlight early in the morning helps to set your chronically late-running internal clock so you feel less tired.

The average human body thinks that a day should be 24 hours and 12 minutes long.That means we feel like going to bed 8 minutes later every day and waking up 4 minutes later every day. Perhaps that's one of the reason many of us want to stay up a little bit later at night, and why we want to hit that snooze button just one more time. There are many variations between people, so not everyone feels that way. But apparently, more people have a tendency to be a night owl than a lark.

To help prevent us from going completely off track with a 24 hour day, bright sunlight first thing in the morning is very helpful for our bodies to set it's internal clock back by 12 minutes. If we don't get that sunlight, then we may continue to drag from one day to the next, feeling more and more sleep deprived.

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