Music Made For Sleeping

A Playlist Prescription for National Sleep Awareness Week from AcousticSheep's Sleep Sound Laboratory

If a good night's sleep is music to your ears, you may be able to improve your sleep through the mystical power of sound. Research shows that 40% of light sleepers achieve deeper sleep and wake up less with background sounds. Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, CEO & Inventor of AcousticSheep LLC says, "Patients have come off of sleeping pills after taking them for 10 years. One patient timed it out. He falls asleep in 7 minutes compared with 85 minutes. It's a really simple two step process."

Step 1: Download a dream

  • Turn off your mind

    Typically soft, minimally interesting music and sounds work best. Examples include classical music, really boring lectures, and guided imagery, preferably read by someone with an accent. For example, you can try the free SleepPhones® iPhone app.

  • Second-hand snoring

    A surprising 59% of bed partners suffer from the effects of second-hand snoring, which can occasionally result in noise-induced hearing loss in the ear that is most exposed to the snoring! This condition requires distracting sounds such as ocean waves, Gregorian chants, podcasts, or audiobooks. Be sure to dial in the music to a comfortable volume, not too loud. The point is to focus on something benign, not to block out the snoring completely.

    Free downloads: AcousticSheep® MP3 tracks

  • Awakenings

    You may be a light sleeper if you wake up frequently. Rain, birds, a spinning fan, or crickets are consistent repetitive background sounds to muffle out the annoying wind noises and house creaks.

    CD: SleepPhones® Nature Sounds 1

  • Insomnia

    Defined as at least a month of difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, this requires some heavy-duty audio. Guided imagery, meditation, hypnosis, and music with binaural beats are helpful. Switching things up every now and then may also be necessary. CD: Sleepy Time Hypnosis

  • Noisy world/Shift work

    Perhaps it's a 5 a.m. garbage truck, city sounds, dogs barking, or even your own CPAP machine. It's a noisy world, and having your own pleasant sound space helps. Many people use waterfalls, orchestral music, or even jazz. Free downloads: SleepPhones® Exclusive MP3 tracks

Step 2: Obtain the right equipment: pajamas for your ears®

SleepPhones® won the Consumer Electronics Show Design and Innovation Honoree Award twice for their soft, stretchy headphones with thin speakers. They provide the comfort needed to get to sleep faster and stay asleep better. A wide variety of colors and sizes are available for both men and women.

Sleep well!

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