Lavender Color and Scent

One might ask about our obsession with lavender, both the color and the plant. We have many pounds of dried lavender buds, lavender essential oil, lavender soap, a lavender stuffed lamb, lavender-colored clothes, and many rolls of lavender fabric.

The lavender color is a very peaceful pastel. So we decided to play it up in our marketing. A brand's color is extremely important. Colors have many implications. For example, red implies boldness. Blue is peaceful. Yellow and black are used for warnings and calling attention to things. Pink is very feminine. We chose lavender and gray as our company colors. Lavender is a delicate soft color appealing more to women. Gray is a gender-neutral soft quiet color. Both are appropriate for a company concerned about sleep.

The sense of smell is one of the most subtle ways to entice customers. Smells are associated with good and bad things in life. Cookies associated with the holidays remind you of good times with family. Balsam and spruce trees make me think of a crisp winter. Sour milk makes me sick. Even though the sense of smell is not as obvious as vision or hearing, its is often more memorable and triggers a deeper emotional response. Anyone in marketing knows how important emotions are. Lavender is slightly floral and sweet with a sharpness of camphor that opens up the nose. The higher the quality of the lavender, the less the sharpness, and the more floral. It is commonly used in aromatherapy for relaxation. Most people enjoy the subtle scent of lavender, even those who don't like floral potpourri and perfumes. It makes me think of pine sap and faint flowers, very relaxing.

We have two employees making our lavender sachets part-time. One is an honors college student who stuffs the sachets to pay for her rent and to earn extra spending money. The other is a high school student, and this is her first job. Her mother is using it as an opportunity to teach her the value of money.

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