Keep Warm While Keeping to the Beat

If you live in the mid-west and the northeast, you've already felt old man winter this year. For some, it might be tempting to give up outdoor training until warmer temperatures return, but if dressed and equipped properly, the cold season might just be your best time to train yet! We want to help you reach your running potential!

Research shows that music can launch you into "flow state" during running — a higher state of consciousness where complete immersion in the task at hand takes place. According to Sue Jackson, registered psychologist and author of Flow in Sports, "...'flow' is not just about being able to get your best performance...but it's about having a really enjoyable experience."

Having the proper headphones all year around, but especially in colder temperatures can make a big difference in the success of your training. Did you know that ears get colder quicker, because they have no fatty tissue? It's true!

So what's your solution for listening to music and keeping your ears snug as a bug?

* A hat? "No, too hot after I get warmed up."

* Ear muffs? "They're an option, but I lose my drive and inspiration without my music."

* Just my ear buds. "I need my music and they keep some of the wind out...when they stay in."

* My full-size headphones. "They cover my ears, but they're bulky and I worry 'cause I can't hear any street noise."

* My ear buds plus a headband. "But they push in on my ear and get uncomfortable or they get all sweaty."

Sounds like you need a solution. How about RunPhones?

We have RunPhones® Classic, Runphones® Microphone and our newest RunPhones® Wireless. RunPhones® are ultra-slim patented headphones that are embedded inside a snug, sport-style wicking headband that keeps sweat at bay while you're on the go. They allow for greater safety by letting some outside sounds in. They feature superior sound with eco-friendly, lead-free electronics.

If you choose our newly launched RunPhones® Wireless, you'll be running wire-free for ultimate comfort and convenience. Just pair them with any Bluetooth┬«-enabled device.

Plus, all of our RunPhones® are now available in a new, improved breathable fabric with a great assortment of vibrant color choices to match any running outfit! Make RunPhones® a part of your winter running gear this year and keep warm while keeping to the beat!

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