International Customers Please Use PayPal

International Orders — Please Use PayPal

We are often asked if we ship internationally. SleepPhones have actually been on every single continent on Earth! A friend of the owner went to Antarctica with SleepPhones. So basically, yes, we have shipped and do ship everywhere: Canada and Mexico, Europe, Australia (Oceania), Asia, Africa, South America, etc. I believe the last count was over 60 different countries.

Having said that, we ship mostly to Canada, UK, and Australia, probably because our website is in English. We are hoping to expand that though. And we are hoping to provide better service to many more countries with good translations.

Unfortunately, we just recently realized with our website upgrade in May, Google Checkout/Google Wallet hasn't been able to take international payments. PayPal is working fine. If you are overseas and would like to order SleepPhones, please use PayPal right now.

Click for our shipping information. If you do not live in Canada, Western Europe, or Australia, we highly recommend using the Express shipping option. It is much more secure in addition to being much faster. Sometimes packages are stolen or lost in the mail system using standard shipping for places like Italy, Brazil, or South Africa. Sometimes packages to Malaysia or Russia can take 6 weeks using standard shipping. So unless you live in a country with a very reliable mail system and very few lost packages in previous experience, we recommend using the Express shipping option. And please use PayPal for checking out!

We greatly appreciate our international customers and are flattered that so many have braved the language difference and trust us to order online from us. We hope to continue to earn your support.

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