Happy Valley Communications

We're very fortunate to be working with Happy Valley Communications, a student-run marketing firm at Penn State University. Each year, they select some businesses to help with marketing and promotion. Their services are completely free! Donations are accepted, if we find their services valuable. SleepPhones will be working with them this Spring semester. We are very lucky to be right next to a fantastic University that can offer these types of resources. Even though the students are all very bright and busy with classes, they find the time to get some hands-on experience in marketing. Most of them are communications or marketing majors, and some have previous work experience in the field. They have written a couple of blog posts regarding SleepPhones already. So far, they have helped critique our website, making it a bit more user-friendly. They've also made many suggestions of possible contacts. Just meeting with them has made us aware of new avenues to explore and given us renewed energy for old unfinished projects. We hope that they will be able to make some big contacts for us this semester!

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