Grammar Girl SleepPhones!

We sponsored Grammar Girl's Episode 198 November 27, 2009 entitled "Because," Due To," "Since," and "As." It has just been released! In her podcast, we learn to avoid the wordy ways to say "because." Because we type like we speak sometimes, we may be too wordy. Instead of saying "on the grounds that," the phrase could be shortened to "because." We enjoy sponsoring smart, practical people like Grammar Girl. Here's what she said about SleepPhones.

I'm really excited to be able to tell you about this new product called Sleep Phones. I love the Sleep Phones because I have to listen to something such as an audiobook or podcast to be able to fall asleep. I'd tried every kind of headphone I could find and no matter what I did, my ears would hurt in the morning and half the time the earbuds would fall out and turn into little speakers in the bed, which kept my husband awake. And then I tried Sleep Phones, and my ears didn't hurt anymore, and because the SleepPhones fit right they don't fall off, and I don't have to crank up the volume to be able to hear. They're amazing, and they'd make a great gift. So, go to and use the code GRAMMAR to get $5 off. That's and the code is GRAMMAR.

One lucky Grammar Girl SleepPhones customer from November 27th to December 31st will receive a free copy of The Grammar Devotional!

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