Gabriel Slate's Tech Report - Kron 4 News

SleepPhones were on Gabe Slate's Tech Report last night!

Watch the clip for New Gadgets Could Make Great Gifts for the Holidays.

Here is the permanent link to the video.

Gabe Slate's Tech Report on SleepPhones Helping Bay Area Residents Sleep Better

By Gabriel Slate KRON 4 News

"This I love. Four years of people sending me stuff, this might be the best thing that's ever come to me."

"So when you're trying to maybe help yourself fall asleep, you wear headphones playing soothing music or soothing sounds but you can't roll around in your pillow, you know, because the headphones are big and clunky. This is a very soft velvety headband with woven in speakers and then it's just got the standard, you know, mini-jack you can plug in iPod, CD player, whatever..."

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