First Order from Cambodia

A week ago, we got our first order from Cambodia! So I did some research and found that our order had come from the capitol city, Phnom Penh. Most Cambodians are Buddhist of the Khmer ethnicity, and they speak Khmer. It borders Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. While it currently imports its petroleum, oil has apparently been found there and will soon be extracted. The government is a liberal democracy under a constitutional monarchy, like the UK. For some reason, Lonely Planet says that there are only 20 psychiatrist in Cambodia. Recently, China gave Cambodia 1.2 billion dollars to deport 20 Muslim asylum-seekers sought by China in connection with violent anti-government protests. Despite its beautiful warm coastline, it doesn't attract as many tourists as some of its neighbors. I might like to visit some of the deserted coastal islands... but  there might be landmines. Oh well.

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