College Students and Sleep [Infographic]

Night owl? Pulling the occasional all-nighter?

Getting the right amount of sleep in college can be a challenge, but if you aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night you will be a well-rested college student.

Transcript: College Students and Sleep

  1. All-nighters

    An occasional all-nighter is part of the college experience. It normally takes 3 days to recover from one.

  2. Owl Habits

    A significant portion of 15-25 year olds are known to sleep scientists as "owls".

  3. Substance Use and Abuse Caffeine

    Occasional caffeine intake (a few times a week, in small quantities) is fine.

  4. Substance Use and Abuse Alcohol

    The withdrawal from the chemical effects often occur in the middle of the night. Withdrawal effects are the opposite of the initial effects.

  5. Sleeping too Much

    Sleeping too much may actually be a symptom of depression. At least one in five people suffer from depression at some point in their life.

  6. How Much Sleep is Right?

    The short answer is 7-9 hours.

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