CES Las Vegas 2014 - A Sheep's Perspective

CES Las Vegas 2014 — A Sheep's Perspective By: Cirrus the Sheep


It's great to be baaaack in my own bed, but what an adventure I had recently.

Not often does a small-town sheep like me have the chance to travel across the country to a place like Las Vegas. There were so many lights, sounds and people.

CES Las Vegas 2014

Thank goodness I remembered my SleepPhones. I was still able to get a great night's sleep. But what a lovely show CES was! I got to meet such wonderful people... and everyone wanted to take a picture with me. People from all over the world gaaaathered around me and posed. I even got to be interviewed by international journalists. Here is a little clip from a New Zealand Journalist:

Cirrus and Casey with a New Zealand Journalist

I was even lucky enough to get a picture with the incomparable Martha Stewart.

Cirrus and Martha Stewart

And then there was also this young chaaaap who goes by the name of DJ Lucky Lou from a group called LMFAO.

Cirrus and DJ Lucky Lou of LMFAO

Each day, I got to stroll around the trade show floor seeing the latest gadgets. One of my favorite things I got to do was dance at some booths that were playing loud music. During one of my meanders I even got to dance my fanny off to a bloke who played some of my favorite songs on a violin.

I got really tired and worked up quite a sweat.

But as fate would have it, we had a booth next to ours giving back massages and allowing us to use their electronic foot massagers. It was perfect because my hooves were baaa-ing! But I shan't have changed a thing about this whole trip.

It was brilliant!

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