Lavender Soap Coming Soon!

Oh, I searched with more terms and found these cool websites referencing SleepPhones.

Dream Views — Lucid dreamers can use SleepPhones to help.

Transparent Community — Learning Strategies is a a company in Minnesota selling CDs that help you achieve your potential. They have a bulletin board where someone wrote about us.

Anew Perspective — A hypnotist in Oregon sells SleepPhones on her website.

Articles Base — Our only Hungarian order so far has resulted in a great review! Neato!

Here First — It looks like the Hungarian person saw this blog post. Small world.

Sleep Disorder Help — This takes you to Amazon to buy SleepPhones. The affiliate program for Amazon is a really great marketing tool. We did not ask for these affiliates. Amazon gives them a commission, so they write about stuff.

Inventor's Spot — SleepPhones had been handmade by me initially. The first holiday season was just sitting in front of the sewing machine for me after getting home from work. Very busy. Then I hired some employees. Etsy didn't like that I hired employees, so they took us off of their listings. Oh well.

IM Shopping — Thanks Mrs. Joshica for recommending us!

Trolling is when someone goes on a bulletin board and pushes their product. It's like being a door-to-door salesman. Most people don't like it. And so they will block you from the bulletin board. We don't troll. But we'd love to have more customers to help advocate for us!

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