Biggest Order Ever

At 8pm on December 17th, SleepPhones received its biggest individual order ever. Someone in California order a dozen SleepPhones! All in tins with sachets, at that. I'm going to have to order more tins soon. Plus, the college student who packs sachets is almost done with finals, so she'll have to make more sachets soon. We're running low on those. We're very excited that someone ordered so many! We speculate that they will be given out as gifts.

Big orders definitely receive some special treatment from us. We'll automatically upgrade certain things. For example, we'll upgrade the shipping or packaging. We used to include an extra sachet, but then we found out (the hard way) that some people really don't like lavender. The holiday rush still has not slowed down, so I better get back to packing orders. I've taken all of next week off from my day-job to work on last minute orders and sending out gifts to my relatives. In the meantime, I've been a bit sleep-deprived, ironically, in a good way.

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