Beat the heat and get to sleep: 9 tips for summertime slumber

Rising temperatures can mean less sleep for many people this summer. Hot weather produces a real challenge for many, causing nightly frustration and discomfort and disrupting sleep schedules. But fear not! We've compiled a list of tips for out-smarting the heat and getting your best night's sleep in even the hottest temperatures.

Check your sleep "equipment."

Cotton sheets and moisture-wicking materials will keep the body cooler by kicking sweat to the curb. Likewise, you'll need an environment that offers the most air circulation as possible. So in addition to having doors and windows open, hammocks or cots are cooler than traditional beds because they offer the most air circulation around the body. So pull out that hammock from your last camping trip and set it up inside or on a patio- you'll appreciate the extra sleep in the morning!

Check your clothing too.

Sleep in a lightly damp cotton shirt, or place a lightly damp towel under your body. Make sure you wet it with cool water and that it is not dripping wet- you want a little moisture to evaporate throughout the night and keep you cool, and not to wake up drenched in water!

Keep air moving.

Place a fan near your bed. To mimic air conditioning, place a wet towel over the fan. This will blow cool air onto the bed. Ceiling fans move the most air (and tend to be quieter) so be sure to turn that on as well.

Stay hydrated.

Keep a glass of ice water near the bed, so if you wake up in the middle of the night you can cool off without getting up.

Stay low.

Heat rises, so sleep in the lowest part of your house, if possible.

Use water to your advantage.

Place a cold towel on your neck, or on your forehead. Prepare for bed each night by splashing cold water on your face and neck, and running cold water over your wrists. These "hot spots" will make your whole body feel cooler. Or keep a spray bottle near the bed so you can mist the backs of knees, feet or anywhere that feels sweaty.

Watch what you eat. Avoid hot or spicy foods before bed.

Become friends with ice.

Wrap ice packs or frozen plastic water bottles in towels and place them strategically throughout your bed. One near your feet and one near your neck will provide a quick way to cool off: snuggle up to them whenever you feel warm. You can also fill a sock with rice and place it in the freezer for two hours before bed. Then cozy up to it in bed, using it near your feet, hands or neck.

Adjust your position.

Sleep in the "spread eagle" position, or on your side. This allows the most airflow over your body.

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Remember, the key to getting a full night of sleep on hot nights are air circulation and strategically place water. So prepare for a good hot night’s sleep with the tips listed above and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day!

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