8 Reasons Why You Should Follow SleepPhones® on Pinterest

By: Alyssa Kaplan, AcousticSheep Contributor and Account Executive for Happy Valley Communications

With more than 15 Pinterest boards, AcousticSheep is informing consumers and sharing their great products with you, your family and friends!

  1. Read Real Stories About How SleepPhones Have Changed Lives

    Writer, Anthony Dejolde, has greatly improved the quality of his sleep using SleepPhones. They helped this LifeHack.org writer turn off his busy mind, which allows him to fall asleep earlier. Read Dejolde's story, along with the countless other stories of SleepPhones enthusiasts, on the SleepPhones Pinterest page.

  2. Kids Love SleepPhones too!

    Cole loves wearing his Mommy's SleepPhones and enjoying some quiet time.

    Cole loves wearing his Mommy's SleepPhones and enjoying some quiet time.

  3. Cirrus Met Martha Stewart!

    Cirrus meets Martha Stewart

    Our trusty mascot, Cirrus, met Martha at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show this past January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following SleepPhones on Pinterest will allow you to stay up to date on Cirrus's adventures and all the great people Cirrus meets!

  4. SleepPhones is an award-winning product.

    Dr. Wei-Shin Lai receives Governor's Impact Award

    In May 2013, AcousticSheep LLC, the makers of SleepPhones, was awarded the Entrepreneuer Impact Award at the Pennsylvania Governor's Impact Awards. Founder and CEO Wei-Shin Lai, MD, was at the ceremony to accept to the award and is pictured above.

  5. Reasons to Get More Sleep

    More sleep

    Getting more sleep will improve both your mental and physical health. It will also lower your risk of injury, strengthen your immune system, help you think more clearly, and overall improve your mood daily.

  6. Even More Tips for Getting Better Sleep

    Sleep Tips

    The Pinterest board provides even more suggestions, in addition to using your pair of SleepPhones, for sleeping better like yoga stretches before you get into bed and put on your SleepPhones for the night.

  7. Fitness Advice & Inspiration

    Once you are sleeping better, you'll find yourself with more energy to start back up with your fitness routine. On the SleepPhones Pinterest boards, you’ll find advice and inspiration to get you out of bed and to the gym.

  8. Cute, sleeping animals.

    Sleeping Puppies!!

    Who doesn't love sleeping puppies?

Alyssa Kaplan is an Account Associate with Happy Valley Communications and Junior Public Relations major at The Pennsylvania State University

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